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Cooking Yourself in Tibiao Antique

Panay Island is blessed with so much destinations ranging from mountains to beaches. But we can only do so much for a day that we have to recharge to continue our journey to enjoy our  exploration in this part of the region.

After visiting Bucari in Leon, Iloilo, my Ilonggo friend Paolo and I had this urge for a unique relaxation that we decided to visit Tibiao, Antique.

Finding the place was a piece of cake as it only took us a jeep, a bus and a motorcycle to reach Brgy. Importante to where our target destination is located. 

Our nipa-type accommodation in Tibiao, antique. 

Traveling to Tibiao was a breeze as there were no pollution that you could see in the area. You would embrace the serenity of this place for its cleanliness with that "probincia" ambiance.

Reaching Kayak Inn, we settled for a Php 500 nipa-type accommodation that has nothing inside other than a bed and a bulb. Well, we don’t need anything other that taking a bath and some basic necessities like food and water. Since we failed to bring food with us, we requested the "resort" attendant to include in their list of groceries our needs and paid them afterwards.

The Kawa or wok where you can have a warm bath.

The very first thing that I saw in Kayak Inn was the giant wok placed fronting our “villa”. This wok turned out to be our bathtub where we could have a therapeutic bath with fresh eucalyptus-smelling-like leaves, literally heated with fire underneath. 

The scene was one of those cannibal movies where people are being cooked alive. If there was a menu for it I will be the favorite "buto-buto dish!

The heated water was tolerable, releasing the aroma of the leaves which was truly relaxing.

For walk-in guests they can try the aromatic bath for  only Php 200-250.

Farm animals roam freely in the area and you can interact with them as long as you are not afraid.

The warm bath somehow relieved our sore bodies and prepared us for another day of adventure. It was pampering to its grandest.

Relax and free yourself from the problems to recharge again.

Our stay in Kayak Inn did not stop on taking a bath, as we enjoyed as well seeing the place with livestocks running freely in the area. We were like children chasing cows, chicken and goats and feeding them with some grasses and bread we brought along.

Enjoying the morning view at the River in Tibiao.
Aside from this, we had the opportunity to explore the adjacent river. According to the local, this river is the site where people can enjoy the sport of Kayak. There are different sites where you will encounter upscaling level of difficulty when you do kayaking.

Taking a nap above the makeshift cottage on a buttress of a giant tree.

Strolling along the river, we were looking for something different in the area that we stumbled meeting a family in the vicinity. It was a humble experience that the local were so fond of us and even allowed us to get inside their home.

Locals in the area get their livelihood from the resources they get from the river.

The local of Tibiao tend their ancestral land with crops like bananas, corn and sweet potatoes aside from charcoal they make coming from the resources they get from the nearby mountain.

Immersion with the local of Tibiao. I learned that their primary livelihood aside from the local crops is charcoal making.

The experience in Tibiao is one of a kind that we will never forget. The humbling experience to meet the local and be part of their lives even just for a day or two was already a breather from the usual routine in the city. It was a relaxing day spent in the silent municipality of Tibiao. It was zen at its finest and visiting Panay has never been this fun.

Charcoal making one of the livelihood in Tibiao, Antique

How to Reach Tibiao?

From Iloilo City you can ride a jeep bound for Molo terminal. There are Van waiting bound for Culasi (fare is Php 180). Inform the driver to drop you to Shell Gas station in Tibiao or go straight to the entrance of Brgy. Importante. Then take a habal habal (Php 50) going to Kayak Inn. The travel time took us atleast 4 hours before we reach Kayak Inn.

For inquiries please call:

Shiela Endrico: 0905.906.2380

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