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We’re Breaking Walls | Fete De La Musique 2016

It’s not everyday that the Philippines is celebrating an annual festival of music, especially with a whip of foreign sponsorship.

It was a full moon that the 22nd year of Fete de la Musique 2016 kicked off on June 18 in Makati with more that 20 pocket venues to party.

This was my first time to experience the French sponsored festival, attended by thousands of partygoers of different nationalities, dancing to the beat of universal bondage, MUSIC.

The parking lot of A. Venue in Makati was unrecognizable with hundreds of people enjoying and supporting a certain genre of music of their choice. I was thrilled that Ransom Collective was playing their own compositions on the main stage. It was refreshing to hear such sound, the not so usual part of your playlist in your IPods. These songs are like the indie versions of the motion picture.

The festive beat was just untiring, wishing I could stay there for the rest of the evening. I was getting warmed up and already enjoying some unfamiliar music when that happiness was cut short for we have to visit the other pocket venues to experience the other genres offered by this festivity.

Chillittees vocalist raised the roof of Greenbelt 3

The next stop was in Greenbelt 3 with a cozy smaller stage. Just timely, Chillitees was playing hard on their originals. Damn, their vocalist was really good and I was wondering, why such talent was not so popular in the Philippines. I guess the type of their record is not for the commercial one. Personally, I think this is the kind of music I could listen all day. Then, we got ourselves interrupted as the growling stomach was already complaining that we have to sit at Via Mare for a delectable dinner. Thanks to Tourism Promotion Board for sponsoring our food.

Indio I performance was just completely jaw dropping

Excitedly we went back in front of the stage hoping to catch Imago’s number but damn we missed it. But we are not sorry with Indio I's performances were just exhilarating, exceeding my expectations especially when they did the cover of No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley, directly piercing through your heart.  I guess, music truly transcends differences and can speak directly to your soul. I am now a self-confessed Indio I fan, trolling in their page to check on their next gig in the metro.

Talahib People's Music stormed the night

But it was TALAHIB People’s Music that stormed the stage with their indigenous sound rooting from the south. It was entertaining that you could see the smiles and appreciation from the audience every time the local band play in unison with a sound resonating from the tribal musical instruments. They are the real representation of MUSIC and not just some irritating random noise composed and played for commercial purposes.

I hated the moment the moment that we have to go to another venue. We tried our luck in Z Hostel to witness another genre. But sad thing, the bar upstairs was already jam-packed that they could no longer accommodate guests. I hate to leave without seeing at least one performer in the venue. We decided to stop by at B-Side where the much popular genre, Reggae, was playing. I was shocked with the crowd, on queue waiting patiently to get inside the jam-packed venue.

B-Side with Reggae

Inside, the crowd, mostly yuppies, hurled like there was chaos, dancing to the beat of the band. I was perspiring that I could feel that if I stayed longer, I will faint to where I was standing. The ventilation was poor that I couldn’t describe the stench to which I guess a combination of smoke, sweat, alcohol and others. I can describe the event as a butt-kicking success to draw such crowd who did not care at all about the chaotic crowd and ready to be stuck in such environment. Don’t get me wrong, I love reggae for the substantial lyrics and message of the songs, but not to the point that I will die out of suffocation. We immediately escaped what seems a hell venue.

Disappointed that we did not enjoy much our stay in B-Side, we opted to visit one of the high-end bars in the district, the Black Market. And wowowwwe, it was definitely the complete opposite of B-Side. Black Market was a venue for the usual bar goers that can ‘afford’! Instead of a live band, the DJ was so slick with the choices of music making everyone getting crazy, dancing while holding their favorite drinks.

The bar overflows with many choices of drinks from tequila to draft beers to enjoy. The theme suits this generation, embodying the pop culture. As the night went by, the crowd completely poured over, partying like animals. We even spotted some local celebrities roaming around but I’ll just be quiet about it.

It was already in the wee hour that we decided to leave Black Market as I felt the gap of energy I have felt compared to the younger partygoers. I can really feel I have graduated in this kind of activity but I could say from time to time I am missing those days where I can party hard like there is no tomorrow.

We hopped to another venue hoping to enjoy a lighter genre of music, the acoustic, but just wow, the place in GREEN SUN was already filled up to the brim. We have no choice but to leave with a hanging heart not able to witness as many genre playing across Makati.

So, I guess, this will push me to attend the second part of Fete de la Musique in Intramuros, Manila on June 23. See you there party people.

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