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That Yellow Thing Called Java Jazz Café | A Tagaytay Experience for Less than 1k Series

I could sense that some of you still want to visit in Tagaytay as a quick escape from the stressful streets of the metro. A simple relaxation like dinner, snacks or a stroll would do in the no-longer so cold city bordering Cavite and Batangas.

But some would think it is expensive to have a simple getaway in this progressive City. For a long time, Tagaytay has been perceived as the hideaway of the rich and famous. But until recently, the place have opened a lot of destinations and activities for the masses aside from the famous Picnic Grove and People’s Park.

Breaking the boring weekend life, we went for quick sight seeing in Tagaytay. It must be the humid environment that made our stomach growling and luckily we found Java Jazz Café along the highway in Brgy. Sungay, just a few hundred meters from the Picnic Grove.

The walls are decorated with paintings made by a student.

The yellow establishment was a simple restaurant, with walls decorated with paintings made by a student possibly selling for consignment.

Definitely, this place is not for the “sosyal” people, as you will sit on the matted floor (Japanese style) due to low-lying ceiling. The place is not air-conditioned and the furniture is not “prima klase”. On the side, they also sell some local made products like tablea, sardines, and candies.

Moving on to what they offer, it was said that this restaurant is famous for their chocolate drinks enough to warm you during the chilly morning and afternoon. But since it was almost lunchtime, we have decided to try their Bulalo (beef and bone marrow stew) and Malagkit with Latik (sweetened rice cake) for our dessert.


Let’s just say, I found their Bulalo mediocre in quality, as the meat and the cartilage were not that tender compared to the other stores offering same serving of the same price (Php 399.00). The beef must have come from an old cow or the time may have not been enough to make the meat tender. I could compare the quality of their Bulalo to a “turo-turo” type of carinderia on a very marked up price.

The not-so-enticing Malagkit with Latik

The Malagkit with Latik was served still warm. Since the excess water has not yet evaporated, the delish rice cake was a little bit saggy and not so pleasing to look at.  Though I must admit the ‘latik’ made the rice cake really delicious.

But despite these shortcomings, I found the crew of Java Jazz Café very accommodating and approachable. The dining area was clean and cozy but the small space would limit your movements and you would mind talking loud not to be rude to the other guests inside the restaurant.

I am more interested to taste these local products

But if you plan to find a cheap stay in Tagaytay, Java Jazz offer a non-air-conditioned accommodation good for two for less than Php 1000.00 a night.  They have a total of 4 rooms just below the restaurant. But don’t expect for atleast a 1-star quality of room and amenities. Their facility can be compared to the common short-time motels in Metro Manila, only the former needs no air conditioning at night time.

They have a very limited parking space

I want to believe that the first impression wouldn’t last or our visit during that day was just an unlucky one. I would still come back to try the other selections in their menu particularly the chocolate cake and the Cocoa drink to find out if it is really worthy to recommend this establishment to the people visiting Tagaytay.

This cafe opens at 9:00am and closes at 9pm.

So, until then, See you again Java Jazz Café.

How to get there?

If you are coming from Manila, take a bus going to Tagaytay via Aguinaldo Highway. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at the public terminal going to People’s Park. At the jeepney terminal, inform and remind the driver to drop you at  Java Jazz Cafe, fare is Php 11.00 and travel time is less than 15 minutes.

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