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My Top Favorite Places to Visit in Zambales

Zambales is my birth province. This place has some of my favorite getaway destinations for a quick relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Check out some of these touristy spots I’d been in the province famous for their sweet mangoes.

1. Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove, Zambales 

Though I am no longer advocating to visit Anawangin, this place was once a pristine cove with white volcanic sand beaches and lush Agoho trees. This place had become famous among outdoor adventurers, setting their tent and sleeping under the lights of billion stars. I just hope that environmental management was put in place before the area becomes a cove of trash. 

2. Talisayen Cove
Talisayin Cove, Zambales

As I have lost my eagerness to visit Anawangin, it made me curious to look for another destination where I can have a relaxing day without much people around I have come to discover the beauty of Talisayen that became an instant favorite on my list. 

Aside from the clean water and sand, it is also home to a thick Agoho forest similar to Anawangin. I just love to spend my night here and recharge for another challenges in the city.

3. Camara Island

I have come acrossed this island when I have visited Anawangin few years back. I was amused to know also that the island became one of the sites for a scene in one of  the Pinoy teleserye. I love the white sand beach  with less people visiting the place. What I love most about the island is the dramatic sunset viewed from the coast of Pundaquit. Simply stunning.

Camara Island, Zambales 

4. Capones Island

This secluded island is found off coast of Pundaquit. The island also houses a small lighthouse that guides the fishermen and ships passing the coast of San Antonio. The island is a favorite daytime getaway for its picturesque seascape and white sand beach.

5. Mt. Pundaquit

Mt. Pundaquit, Zambales

My first encounter of Mt. Pundaquit was when we were in search for the secluded beach of Anawangin. This grassland habitat is also home to some of the endemic cycads that can only be found in the area. How could I forget Pundaquit as this was the place that put me on my knees and made me passed out, not only once but thrice due to the intense heat as we traverse the narrow ridge of the mountain.

Unique Cycad growing in Mt. Pundaquit

6.  Botolan

Black beach of Botolan, Zambales

Botolan came into the map of the Philippines because of the rich nickel deposit. It is also the site for most of the displaced Aetas during the destructive Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991.  What I love in Botolan is the simple life of the community, the magnetic sand beach with raging waves and suitable for extreme water sports like surfing during the Habagat season. The mountainside also shelters some of the unknown waterfalls. 

Rama Beach Resort is one of the places here that you could stop by for an overnight stay.

The Aetas of Botolan, Zambales

7. Subic

The forested part of the Subic area had been a home to me for a number of field trips when I was still studying. This where I have learned about the Zoobic Safari where one will encounter the various collections of flora and fauna. What enticed me to return to this place is how the locals preserve and continuously promote the traditions of the Aetas like cooking using the local bamboos.

8. Mt. Pinatubo

Majestic Pinatubo Crater in Botolan, Zambales

The crater lake of Pinatubo must be of the most scenic places in the Philippines. It is also one of the most difficult destinations to reach due to the deposit of lahar on the trail that will make your trek a little inconvenient . But as you reach the view deck, the magnificent view will ease your pain. It’s truly a beautiful disaster.

9. Olongapo City

Calaclan / Kalaklan River of Olongapo City

Olongapo is my birth city and this was a historical place that anybody wouldn’t forget. It was tagged as the red district of the north back when the US Naval Base was still in Subic Bay. But this small progressive city is a melting pot of cultures. Olongapo is the gateway to various destinations in Luzon.

Ulo ni Gapo Monument in Olongapo City

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