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11th Annual Padyakan Festival 2016 | Mariveles, Bataan

The heat was unforgiving for all the participants of the 11th Padyakan in Bataan (Padyakan means to pedal). This event was organized by the Bataan Trail Riders and Adventure Network in partnership with Fox Head Philippines and Shimano, supported and promoted by the Bataan Tourism as one of the activities for the 74th Araw ng Kagitingan (Bataan Day).

Participants together with sponsors Fox Head Philippines and Shimano 

And the ladies did not just sit there to watch their men racing the dangerous trail, they also made their competitors  eat the dust of the road.

More than 300 men and women of different ages coming from different places as far as Hongkong, Australia and Europe have come to beat the mountain trails of Mariveles including the Bataan Killer Loop that circles Mt. Samat passing Bagac and Orion.

I have never seen so many bikers before and it looks so easy for them to maneuver their bike until I tried one. Damn, it was hard and for a petite like me, I will need a lot of practice to get into one of those bikes.

With the majestic view of the Mariveles Mountains as you traverse the difficult trail

The friendly and fun competition started at 9:00 am under the scorching heat of the sun but it seems everyone is already immune to this rugged, filthy dusty road.

It seems the adrenalin rush kicks in the blood of all the participants when the competition started. The trails were unforgiving that a single error can make you stumble and the heat could really break your spirit in the middle of the race.

You Can Fall But You Can Never Give up

One special moment that I have witnessed was the strong will of the young participants when most of them stumbled in one difficult part of the trail. It was chaos and disheartening to see them fall. But what’s inspiring was they immediately get back on their feet and continue to race despite the wounds and dust covering their faces.

They have FALLEN!

Now I realized that this sport doesn’t only promote a healthy body but also build a healthy attitude and develops your virtue of patience and perseverance to finish what you’ve started. Truly resembles the attitude of the brave Filipinos who have fought during the war. What a game! I wish I have known this sport earlier.

Dodong of Bataan

Another real-life story I have seen in this event was the story of Dodong, a local kid in Mariveles who was just wandering around watching his fellow kids in high-end gear. You could see in his eyes he wants to join and be part of the activity and enjoy the race.
(In the center) Dodong, despite not having a proper gear, he borrowed from participants just to join this fun sport.

With strong persuasive charm, he asked around from some people if he could borrow a helmet and shoes so he could register and join the competition under the junior category.

Not equipped with rush guard and only wearing an old white sando, this poor looking lad hit the trail and strongly pedaled on his small bike to the end of the race. His friends cheered for him to go fast as he was almost at the tail of everyone, eating the dusts of his competitors.

The heat of the sun did not make him falter, receiving a splash of water from his cheering friends, loudly calling out his name. He finished almost last, but he went through with head's up high and smiling face as he reached the finish line. Dodong reminded me of the virtue of perseverance and by just looking at him, I don't see a loser but a champion in the making. Dodong simply got the swag, the attitude and the spirit of Bataan

Others are just simply competitive, they got the medals and cash (that's me being bitter) Leftmost, Ms. Techie Banzon of Bataan Tourism, Rightmost, Eboy Roselada of Bataan Trail Riders and Adventure Network

I would like to congratulate all the winners of the 11th  Annual Padyakan Festival and I hope next year I could already join the Fun Category, with the kids of course.

Though we were non-bikers who have come to the venue, it doesn't mean we missed all the fun. We made our own version of "padyakan" by challenging the deadly trail to Ambon-Ambon Falls through trekking and visiting some gorgeous places to visit in Bataan. And our death-defying story will soon be posted. Watch out for it.

For inquiries, the line of Bataan Tourism Center is always open to assist you. Visit them at:

Bataan Tourism Center
Roman Super Highway
City of Balanga, Bataan
2100 Philippines

(047) 237-4785
(047) 237-4476
(63) 927-960- 1729
(63) 949-680-2695


Other pics:

Joining the hardcores of this biking sport
Just be friendly and you can grab a bike for photo op (Tin, Marky and Me)

Tin and Me, good in grabbing someone else's bike

Looking good tin

Oh, have we mentioned there are good looking lads in the race, Tin spotted one!

This brave young man is the youngest biker in the competition, 9 years old. You will eat my dust next year dude!

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