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Burdeos Summer Island Escapade | Revisiting Polillo Group of Islands

I’d been to Polillo back in 2014 and my short stay experience here was 50/50. It is true that the islands here are beautiful but the road going to Burdeos was just painstakingly agonizing that you would lose your head if you did not bring enough patience in your pocket.

Deliciously Yours, Bataan

"Oh Doctor forgive me for I have sinned, my blood pressure spiking high again, ‘coz Bataan tempted me to eat again and again!" 

PawikanFestival maybe a famous annual festival in Bataan but that is not a sole reason for us to visit this province only once a year as this place caters also tourist attractions litter in the different municipalities. But aside from these attractions, you shouldn’t miss the foods and delicacies offered in the peninsula.