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Cooking Yourself in Tibiao Antique

Panay Island is blessed with so much destinations ranging from mountains to beaches. But we can only do so much for a day that we have to recharge to continue our journey to enjoy our  exploration in this part of the region.

After visiting Bucari in Leon, Iloilo, my Ilonggo friend Paolo and I had this urge for a unique relaxation that we decided to visit Tibiao, Antique.

Featuring the Waterfalls of Camandag in Leon Iloilo

Part of our Panay Adventure was visiting Bucari Pine Forest in Leon, Iloilo. But aside from the relaxing camping ground in Bucari it is recommended also to experience the waterfalls of Camandag.

Since we were on a tight budget, we opted to walk towards the site of the said waterfalls. We were assured by a local that the location of Camandag was only around 30 minutes from Bucari in Sitio Tabionan.

Mt. Kupapey, Maligcong’s Finest Viewing Point

During my first visit to Mt. Kupapey three years ago I mentioned that it was an easy trek, 1/9 difficulty. But today I would like to say, I AM SORRY! I am not sure whether it was just I or the difficulty comes with the age as I find it really hard to reach the peak of Mt. Kupapey after my short visit last weekend. The story goes like this...

The Rise of Maligcong Rice Terraces

It’s been more than three years since I had my first glance of Maligcong, dwelling silently within the mountainous walls of Bontoc.

To be honest, it was an accidental find back then that my friend Kurt and I brushed to the never-heard place in Mountain Province. Bontoc for most of us, is just a transient town going to Sagada, unknowingly that there are  better destinations worth seeing in this silent municipality compared to the commercialized tourist spots.

Discovering Bucari | The Little Baguio of Leon, Iloilo

It came a little surprise to me hearing about this new destination in Iloilo. Bucari Pine Forest is a  hidden destination in Leon, Iloilo that I consider as the Little Baguio of Panay Island.

"If You are Royal Blood in Davao, You are Just Commoner in Manila"-Arpee Lazaro

Grabbed from shared post of Avel Manansala
Really? This arrogant, sarcastic "media man" have gone mad to praise himself as Manileno being superior over the people from the south. My first thinking was, what made you conclude that the Manila-based mediamen are better than the people from the south giving no proof to mention this?

Scary! How I Lost My Money from Bank of Philippine Island (BPI)

It would be a nightmare for anyone to know that the money you have worked hard for have suddenly vanished due to unauthorized withdrawal from your bank account. And that nightmare was extended to me when just yesterday (June 30) at 5:00 am I received an email notification, informing me that I made a withdrawal of Php10015.00 from my BPI account at 4:50:01am, June 30, 2016.

2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition Set

Senator Loren Legarda keynote the four-day Second national Integrated Waste Management Exhibition, that opened last June 21, 2016, at the Mega Trade Halls 1 & 2 of SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

We’re Breaking Walls | Fete De La Musique 2016

It’s not everyday that the Philippines is celebrating an annual festival of music, especially with a whip of foreign sponsorship.

It was a full moon that the 22nd year of Fete de la Musique 2016 kicked off on June 18 in Makati with more that 20 pocket venues to party.

“We Can Only Do So Much” - DENR on Wildlife Trade

Photo screen-grabbed from DENR presentation on Biodiversity

"We can only do so much..." It was an excuse coming from Dr. Mundita Lim when we made some reactions on the current status of the illegal trade/ exploitation of Philippine wildlife.

During the Green Bloggers Meet Up, Dr. Lim showed us the vast decline in the numbers of endemic species that can be found in the natural habitat. In her presentation on Biodiversity, she have shown us a lot of flora and fauna being poached, killed or sold in the black market, and patronized by locals or foreigners or being shipped to other countries like China.

DENR Celebrates Environment Month in June

June will be a busy month for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as it leads the celebration of the Philippine Environment Month.

“We celebrate Environment Month this year with the renewed and strengthened conviction to care for the land we live on, the air we breathe, and the water which gives us life. More than any time in this planet’s history, it is now that we must put our acts together to combat increasing threats to our ecosystems,” said DENR Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje.

Poachers Alert | Carnivorous Plant on Sale

It was an ordinary day passing through the crowded sidewalk across Muñoz Market in Quezon City when I noticed a familiar plant displayed and sold by a woman.

To confirm what I have seen, I walked closer to check if I was not mistaken with what I saw. It was indeed a  Nepenthes species or a pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant mostly growing in the forested areas of the Philippines.

That Yellow Thing Called Java Jazz Café | A Tagaytay Experience for Less than 1k Series

I could sense that some of you still want to visit in Tagaytay as a quick escape from the stressful streets of the metro. A simple relaxation like dinner, snacks or a stroll would do in the no-longer so cold city bordering Cavite and Batangas.

The Rape of Calaguas Island

I don't know what it was but here was a hesitation holding me back to share my Calaguas experience two years ago. Maybe I was pinned on the ground not to make any more fuzz over this destination, aggravating the adverse impact of human intrusion on this beautiful island located at the eastern side of Bicol region.

Miriam is My Role Model but Duterte is My Leader

Photo credits to the owner

As of this moment I am torn among the Philippine presidential candidates for the May 9 election. I have heard their sides on various issues during the presidential debates on national television that narrowed my choices to two most qualified candidates for the presidential post. These are Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Rodrigo Duterte.

A Quick Visit to Lake Buhi | Treasures of Camarines Sur

Buhi is a municipality that can be found in the heart of Camarines Sur where the great Lake Buhi can be found. This water body is just one of the treasures of Camarines Sur that came to existence after the eruption of Mt. Asog hundreds of years ago and now, a seemed  dormant volcano in Bicol Region. 

My Top Favorite Places to Visit in Zambales

Zambales is my birth province. This place has some of my favorite getaway destinations for a quick relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Check out some of these touristy spots I’d been in the province famous for their sweet mangoes.

Experiencing Palaui Island

Most of us would wish to travel and witness one of the most sought after islands in the northern part of the Philippines, Palaui.

Palaui Island have become famous a few years back after the reality show Survivor (French) was filmed in the remote place in the northern part of Luzon. Since then, Palaui have become a nation darling for tourism as it revealed an innocent beauty sleeping just above the mainland Cagayan.

Discovering Ambon Ambon & Limutan Waterfalls | The Craziest Waterfalling in Bagac, Bataan

Bataan is known for some majestic landscapes and it had never come to me that this province is also home to some waterfalls not known to public yet.

In search for someplace cool, travel blogger friends Christine and Marky decided to grab the opportunity offered by the Bataan Tourism to visit Limutan Falls right after covering the 11th Padyakan Festival in Mariveles.

11th Annual Padyakan Festival 2016 | Mariveles, Bataan

The heat was unforgiving for all the participants of the 11th Padyakan in Bataan (Padyakan means to pedal). This event was organized by the Bataan Trail Riders and Adventure Network in partnership with Fox Head Philippines and Shimano, supported and promoted by the Bataan Tourism as one of the activities for the 74th Araw ng Kagitingan (Bataan Day).

Burdeos Summer Island Escapade | Revisiting Polillo Group of Islands

I’d been to Polillo back in 2014 and my short stay experience here was 50/50. It is true that the islands here are beautiful but the road going to Burdeos was just painstakingly agonizing that you would lose your head if you did not bring enough patience in your pocket.

Deliciously Yours, Bataan

"Oh Doctor forgive me for I have sinned, my blood pressure spiking high again, ‘coz Bataan tempted me to eat again and again!" 

PawikanFestival maybe a famous annual festival in Bataan but that is not a sole reason for us to visit this province only once a year as this place caters also tourist attractions litter in the different municipalities. But aside from these attractions, you shouldn’t miss the foods and delicacies offered in the peninsula.

Pawikan Festival | Bolder and Stronger

It was only a year ago since the last time I had the “Pawikan Experience” and the spectators ranged only from a few hundreds to thousands of people composed of locals and some visiting festival enthusiasts. The festivity was non-extravagant, short yet soul-gratifying.