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The Road to Taal Volcano

For a long time now, I had been wondering what is it like seeing  Taal Volcano upclose and personal. That day came when we had a quick trip to Batangas for our field exposure. Just fresh from our Matabungkay staycation, we head directly to Talisay Batangas for another trip. This time we were heading to the famous Taal Volcano or better known as the world’s smallest volcano. Our base resort was the Kay LilingResort and Spa, a sort of Korean operated resort in Barangay Banga, Talisay, Batangas.

From the shore of Talisay we boarded a medium outrigger bound for the foot of Taal Volcano. The trip was smooth sailing on the calm water of Taal Lake.

Locals live and get their livelihood from the resources given off by the soil of Taal Volcano
We were welcomed by a small community living at the foot of the volcano and assembled us in their humble reception. We were given a choice to walk or to rent a horse. We chose the former.

Accompanied by a local guide we trekked the dusty trail to the peak of the volcano. The view was becoming more and more panoramic as we ascend to the peak of the volcano.

The trail is dusty on a hot summer days but muddy when it rains. 
Along the road, we even passed by a live vent with sulfuric smoke coming out from the rock crevices. This proved that this volcano is very active. But despite of being an active volcano, people still choose to live here where they get their livelihood from grazing animals on the wide grassland and fishery on the shallow lake of Taal.

The majestic view of the crater lake of Taal
We reached the viewing deck in less than 2 hours on a slow paced trek. At that point everyone was mesmerized with the beauty that flaunt in front of us. It was the CraterLake of Taal Volcano. The water was bluish-green and very pleasing to the eyes.

Everyone is wowed with this fascinating work of nature

In terms of first impression, I think, the crater lake of Taal is way even majestic compared to that of Mt. Pinatubo. It looks so delicate, with short current swaying in the slightest wind bouncing off the crater walls of the volcano. You will witness some vents on the crater that actively releasing hot sulfuric-filled fumes.

Locals do not fear the danger of living on an active volcano. They smile and live like everybody else

Though, pronounced dangerous, many dare to stand on the rocky ridge of the crater to get a perfect background for a souvenir. But I was startled to know that some entrepreneurs on that part of the red ridge ask for a pay to stand on the said spot, which I did not patronize. 

There are some stores that sell goods, food and drinks in the vicinity of the crater but the prices soar high. I suggest bringing your own water or snacks would be practical when you decide to go up here.

We only stayed for an hour and decided to find our way down to the foot of the volcano. As we descend, we were astonished to see hundreds of crow flying in every direction. It was already late in the afternoon and I guess it’s their dinnertime.

As we took a little rest at the jump-off point, we had no problem finding a comfort room, as the tourism community center is equipped with toilet with water for their guests’ use.

The Taal Lake is the source of water for the residents of Taal Volcano

The journey back to Talisay was nostalgic witnessing the dramatic setting sun behind the smallest volcano in the world. It was a fascinating experience and unforgettable one. I hope to return someday and witness again the grandeur yet deadly crater of Taal Volcano.

A dramatic sunset can be observed in Taal Lake

Volcano Tourist Information
Tourist Fee
Student/ children below 7yrs old
Boat Ride
for 6 persons
Horse Back Ride
per person
Tour Guide Fee
per group

Have a safe trip everyone!

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