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Let’s Take a Look Inside the "Virgin" Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

There is a stigma of fear about the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant that was created by propaganda when the Aquino administration was able to kick out Marcos from the Malacañang Palace. The billion-dollar project of Marcos was totally shut down that could have aided the Philippines on its power supply, at least in Luzon.

Just outside of the BNPP

With the construction started in 1976, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was put on hold when the Three Mile Island Incident happened, forcing Marcos to formed the Puno Commission to triple the security and safety features of the BNPP, more advanced than the rest of the operating nuclear power plants in the world.
This nuclear reactor was never been used, still new. Mind you, it is very hot in this part of the plant.
I am more comfortable inside the control center of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

It was in 1984 that the hot functional test was conducted and the fuel (Uranium) was delivered in the Philippines. The plant was ready for service until 1986 EDSA revolution and then came the Chernobyl incident.  

The administration then utilized the event as an excuse to totally shut down the reinforced power plant and played with the reason that the location of BNPP lies under an earthquake fault, which was totally malicious and UNTRUE.

Kurt wants to prove that this power plant can still work...and it does!
Inside the control center of BNPP, Michael is trying to call the president I guess.

If this power plant could have been put into operation, this could have given off 620 MW of electricity that can supply the demand of 1/8 of Luzon.

My visit to the BNPP in Morong Bataan was courtesy of the Bataan Tourism. This tour will enlighten everyone who was brainwashed that this facility was constructed in a way that will endanger every Filipino.

Thanks to our facilitator especially to Ms. Cora and the Bataan Tourism

Things we don’t’ know about Bataan Nuclear Power Plant:

  1. During construction, all welders of BNPP are female
  2. BNPP has twin sister in South Korea (still operating)
  3. Japanese nuclear engineers and other nationalities visit the BNPP for the reason that no one has ever been inside in an operating nuclear power plant for an educational tour.
  4. If the power plant have been continued, there could have a another 2 or more power plants that will be erected by its side.
  5. The construction of the BNPP was commissioned by  Westinghouse
  6. The nearest volcano from BNPP is the Mt. Natib, a dead volcano.
  7. The original name of BNPP was Philippine Nuclear Power Plant 1 because there could have been No. 2 and No. 3 and 4 and so forth.
  8. When it comes to radiation dosage, a banana will give off 0.01millirem of radiation while standing outside of an operating power plant will give off 0.009 millirem.

For a group tour you may contact the person below:

Ms. Corazon Baluyot
Environmental Management Specialist
Morong, Bataan

Number: 0921.371.3865

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