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Beautiful Panay | People, Places and Food

I can consider Panay as one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines as this huge island simply has everything ranging from towering mountains, beautiful beaches, and delicious delicacies to colorful festivities.

The Road to Taal Volcano

For a long time now, I had been wondering what is it like seeing  Taal Volcano upclose and personal. That day came when we had a quick trip to Batangas for our field exposure. Just fresh from our Matabungkay staycation, we head directly to Talisay Batangas for another trip. This time we were heading to the famous Taal Volcano or better known as the world’s smallest volcano. Our base resort was the Kay LilingResort and Spa, a sort of Korean operated resort in Barangay Banga, Talisay, Batangas.

Let’s Take a Look Inside the "Virgin" Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

There is a stigma of fear about the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant that was created by propaganda when the Aquino administration was able to kick out Marcos from the Malacañang Palace. The billion-dollar project of Marcos was totally shut down that could have aided the Philippines on its power supply, at least in Luzon.

Discovering Sepoc Island | Anilao, Batangas

Anilao is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines in terms of water sports and recreations. This part of Batangas is sought after because of the SCUBA diving adventures it can offer to its visitors. I have been to Anilao more than a couple of times and most of it were due to scholastic works and SCUBA diving.

What to Do and What to Eat in Lucban | A Samkara Staycation

I’d been to some parts of Quezon before like Lucena and Tayabas but I have never been to Lucban until I was invited by a friend to check the newest resort in town they called Samkara.

Lucban is a seasoned star municipality famous for their vibrant Pahiyas Festival. And with the boost of tourism industry, investors are now coming in to support the micro economy of this former Spanish established community in the province of Quezon.

Located adjacent to some of the legendary areas like Lucena, Majayjay and Tayabas, Lucban shouldn’t be undermined as this place can offer some experiences to its guests ranging from heritage sites to some of the finest delectable delights.