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The Few Things I Love About Baler

It was a beautiful morning when the bright sunshine greeted me so sweet, hearing not far from afar the rush of waves coming from the beach. And two years it has been since the last time I have visited this remote and historical town in Aurora but it just feels like yesterday when I used to blend well with the locals.

Baler had been one of my favorite places at the times when I was seeking for peace and refuge. The innocent town is a place where you can be yourself without any pretension. A place where you can be free and you can be you.

In fact, Baler is flat quiet and could be your fantasyland where you can do the things you’d been longing to do and a place where you can escape the monotonous life in the city. And there are just so many reasons why I was so drawn to its laid back town. And for the last 5 years that I have been accommodated by its locals, I couldn’t be thankful enough for the warm welcome.

This would be my very first time to share my adventure in Baler and it’s just ironic not sharing my experience here before. Maybe I am just a jealous guy to part with you my ever-beautiful Baler. But today I am ready to share and let go, so here you go and I hope you like it.

Am Keeping it Real, Dicasalarin

Dicasalarin Cove is very much comparable to Palaui of Sta. Ana, Cagayan, as both are majestic with  a masterpiece of towering lighthouses. The only difference is that Palaui preserved its old-structured lighthouse while Dicasalarin oozes with  modern style. This is my very first time to witness a one-of- -a-kind architecture of a lighthouse. There is nothing to say but WOW!

The magnificent lighthouse in Dicasalarin

For some, the climb to the peak of the hill was a real challenge. But after reaching the peak to where the modern lighthouse sits, your perseverance will be rewarded with a breath-taking panoramic view of the whole cove. You would literally catch you breath with the beauty that have just popped in front of you. As with me, I could only wish to stay there the whole day to witness the setting sun. But time was a scarce resource that we have to get back to CostaPacifica before dark.

Wandering at Digisit

No words but picture perfect! This place is the supreme magnet for landscape enthusiasts and for people who wish to photo bomb the twin rock-like hills sitting by the coast of Digisit.

"live without any pretension, and you can be you"

The rocky shore has been a mute witness to countless of pre-nup pictorials and had been a favorite hang outs among locals in Aurora. Just caution people with the sharp rocks littered around as it can pierce your feet painfully deep. As what the old folks say, beauty can hurt!

Let’s Roll in Ermita Hills

This monument is the only dedication of the people of Aurora, reminding them of the great tsunami that engulfed the whole town of Baler in December 27, 1735.

According to the legend, there were only 7 families that have survived the catastrophic event that includes the clan of Angara.

As you reach the view deck of Ermita Hill, a spectacular view of the vast Pacific Ocean will flaunt in front of you. It’s a view point where it would make you realized how small we are compared to the vast world ahead of us.

Getting Stoked in Sabang Beach

Baler is so blessed having one of the longest beach breaks in the eastern side of the Philippines, giving the area some good barrel of waves suited for surfing. The trough may not be as big as in Siargao, but just big enough to play some extreme maneuvers on top of your surfboard.

"The world is your playground, enjoy it while you still can"

I am a fan of surfing and this might be one of the reasons I am drawn to this place, never minding the 6-hour butt-numbing land travel coming from Manila. Thanks to Charlie Does for a great experience and lending me their boards.

Sabang may not be your dream white sand beach destination but the sunrise here is just so dramatically romantic that would make your time stand still watching while enjoying the canvass skies playing colors to end its day.

Just Me and the Lonely Giant Tree

I may have seen the oldest tree in the Philippines but not the biggest until we made a quick stop in the Municipality of Ma. Aurora. ANG LAKI! (so gigantic!) were the words that came out from my lips after seeing the giant Banyan tree species.

You will be amazed to see how this Banyan species actually dwarfed all the people who come beside it. What a THING? To prove its ginormous size, we even sneaked in between its prop roots until we made it to the center of the tree. Children climb through the vine-like roots until they reach the top of the famous Balete tree. As for me, I just stayed on the ground, eating a local favorite delicacy, sticky rice.

Ampere, The Cobbled Beach of Baler

As you cross the countryside of Baler going to Dipaculao, you will notice the head- turning beach of Ampere Point. The scenery here was just relaxing that you wouldn’t mind walking on the beach even under the striking heat of the sun. The wind blows hard and you might want to keep your hair in pony and keep away from wearing skirts.

"Don't think you are lost, but just enjoying one challenge for a great adventure"

The ginormous rock formations beside the Okotan cave is a favorite spot among Baler tourists to have their picture taken. The explosive sounds produced by the waves as it hit the walls of the giant boulders was considered as a local weather prediction tool. The greater the "BANG", the dangerous it is to sail to the sea.

Feeling at Home at Ma. Aurora's House

One attraction in Baler that you shouldn't missed is the replica of the house of Ma. Aurora, the mother of the late Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon. The house was an exact portrayal of a simple life before that is now rarely seen in this current generation. The Filipino traditions reflect in every corner of the house. 

Living the Heritage at Museo de Baler

I have never known that people from Baler are one of the well polished artists in the county. Inside the Museum, you will be surprised with the exhibits created by some unheard artists and some who made it to the limelight. I could only imagine how vast the imagination these artists have to create mind-blowing masterpieces. Watching the earth-moving creations on a clean canvass are just unbelievable.

Baler Church, The Last Stand of Spain

Baler Church has been well noted in the Philippine history during the last years of the Spaniards in Baler. This ground had become the garrison of a few (38) Spanish soldiers fighting to keep the colony intact in the east side during the Spanish-American war in the Philippines until Martin Cerezo and his troops surrendered to the Filipinos in June 2, 1899. This landmark had been now reconstructed bearing only the memories of the past.

Now, Where to Stay in Baler?

CostaPacifica Baler, a 4-star resort soon to be 5-star made my stay in Baler comfortable and especial. Our accommodation sits in front of the beach facing the glorious sunrise and all the surfing events in Sabang Beach.

I have listed down my reasons why I would choose this posh resort while staying in Baler but you can check that on my next post very soon. But in case you can't wait, just click here for their website.

How to Reach Baler?

The easiest way is to make a reservation with Costa Pacifica Baler. They offer transport service that could take you to their resort without exerting any sweat. But if you are an impulsive traveler, the deluxe Joy Bus by Genesis in Cubao terminal leaves at 12:30 am and 1:00am bound for Baler, fare is Php700.00/head and travel time is roughly 4-5 hours. But I still recommend reserving a seat ahead of time.

Enjoy Baler!

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