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A Glamorous Staycation at Costa Pacifica Baler

The sun shines bright in this side of Aurora where everything turns golden and alive. But my visit to Baler had been much vibrant after experiencing the new and fabulous resort of Costa Pacifica Baler and here is why:

The First Impression

The 4-star resort sheltered my 3-day vacation in Baler, Aurora and I was truly surprised with the fine architectural design and the dramatic lighting effects of the resort. The total ambiance was warm and the staff were truly immersed with knowledge and attitude in the hospitality business.

The Facility and Convenience

It is true that there are already more than a dozen of cheap inns and lodging houses popping out like mushrooms in Baler but it is Costa Pacifica that lies strategically where you can find everything you need.

The high-end facilities of Costa Pacifica Baler

Facing the Pacific Ocean you have the easiest access to the beach for an adrenalin rush for surfing or by just simply walking hand in hand with your loved ones along the beach.

The resort can also give you a lift if you wish to visit the public market to buy some authentic Baler products. But if you choose to take the public transportation, the tricycle terminal is just less than 20 meters from the resort.

And if you wish to see the tourist destinations in Baler, just ask the manager and they would be happy to arrange it for you. The Walking Tour is the easiest and they can suggest good tourist guides like Gerald and Edward that would make your tour educational and entertaining.

Glamping at Costa Pacifica Baler
If the beach water is not your thing, Costa Pacifica has this “bubbling” and relaxing swimming pools overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Did I mention that the pools are child-friendly?

Another activity that you have to look forward is the glamping. This resort in Baler provides you the glam of camping but with the convenience of having your own butler. What a life? 

And Nobody Does it Better than Charlie Does!

Your Baler experience would never be complete without surfing

If you are ready to challenge the swift barrel waves of Baler, Charlie Does, a sister company of Costa Pacifica can make you surf for as low as P350.00/hour surfing on a one-on-one assisted lesson. They have a good set of surfing equipment, from surfboard to free use of rush guards.

Some of their instructors are competing surfers in the Philippines like Greggy dela Torre, Ron Maghirang, Rodster John Aragon, Clifford Rosales and EJ Mendoza. You are definitely in good hands with these gorgeous guys.

For advance booking just call Ms. Olive Pabillo (+63949617078).

The Food

The moment we stepped into Costa Pacifica, the very first thing we did was to eat. Yes, we were spoiled inside the modern inspired Beach House of the resort.

This part of the resort almost serves everything and the chef mentioned that they would cater international cuisine in the near future. But according to their F and B manager, international guest would rather choose local delicacies to experience the culture of Baler through their foods.

The first set of meal almost captured my soul. We were served with Chicken Binakol, Ensaladang Pako with Biniklad na Dilis, Chicken Inasal, Liempong Barbeque and Ginataang Sitaw, kalabasa with Shrimp. After tasting all the dishes I would give my high praise to Chicken Binakol for a refreshing taste. This dish uses the juice and meat of coconut as the base soup for the chicken.  

But it did not end there, as the dinner was as superb as our lunch. I was literally drooling when the Sticky Riblet was served. The Daily Grilled Fish got also my thumbs up. The brick-fired pizza that was served after was oozing in aroma and got me excited. The pizza was delectably fantastic!

Suman de Baler with Peanut Butter

But my favorite part of our meal was the Suman de Baler, a local delicacy made from mountain sticky rice. This sumptuous delight is traditionally dunked in either locally made peanut butter or coco jam. I have to admit that this Suman made me drool for more.  They said the secret was with the peanut butter, famously blended by a local entrepreneur Nanay Pacing.

Breakfast is served here at the Beach House, Costa Pacifica Baler

The breakfast that the Beach House served did not disappoint us. Instead of plated meals, they offered a buffet with a number of food selections from breads, beef tapa, pancit to fried rice and anchovies. You can even customize your own omelet courtesy of the chef on post. By the way, the prices are affordable and reasonable. You won't regret sitting in their fancy-looking restaurant where the food are just delectable as the vibe inside the Beach House. 

The Service

My stay in this resort was smooth and flawless. The staff and crew were all polite and on the spot with your request. They would never say NO and they would do everything to please the guests. It seems everyone is in-sync with their knowledge about the standard operating procedures of the resort.

I couldn't say anything negative about the treatment, in fact I truly felt pampered during my whole 3-day stay in Costa Pacifica Baler. I just wish that the gym and the spa area would be finished and ready for use by the time I return to this glamorous resort in Baler. What else can I say but good job Costa Pacifica Baler !

Christine, Joan, Estan, Gerald, Annalyn, Dennis and Jeman

This resort maybe a little off for budget wanderers but the quality of facilities and service you can get worth every centavos you paid. You deserve that one glamorous vacation once in a while in your life you know. So save up and plan your dream vacation here at Costa Pacifica Baler.

If you have questions you may throw them to the responsible people below:

Gerald Canillo
Resident Manager
Email : 

Manila office: (632) 519 4249
Baler Office: (63)9176559359

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