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Tasting the Best of Seafood in Roxas City, Capiz | The Coco Veranda Food Adventure

I am a seafood addict and this is a confession I am not shy to disclose. My craving for seafood is just crazy that I could devour an entire meal  suited for a family of ten. Yes, you read it right and there is nothing so satisfying to have it served fresh coming from the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Roxas City in Capiz, Island of Panay.

Coco Veranda in Lawis Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz
Panay Island has long been waiting on my list to be explored and it was only in the summer of 2015 that my longing to have a taste of its culture came to reality.

Coming from Boracay, my travel buddy and me decided to have a stopover in Roxas City for an overnight stay at  Roxas President’s Inn.

Exhausted from our trip to Panay Church, we decided to ask the locals where to eat at Roxas City and it was curiously interesting survey that most of the locals directed us to the restaurant called Coco Veranda in Lawis, Baybay, Roxas City.

So, we took the local tricycle to Baybay to see why most people in Roxas City recommended this place until we came across of what seemed to be an ordinary seaside restaurant along the coastal area.

What pulled me over to the place was the fresh catch of seafoods displayed beside the entrance of the restaurant.

At that very point, I was already hypnotized to sit and call for the menu. The waiter immediately offered us a refreshing Buko Juice which was a good start to trigger our appetite.

To have your order, the customers can choose from a variety of fresh catch direct for weighing to know instantly the amount to be paid (per 100gram). We requested for their best sellers and we were astonished with the cartful of seafoods delivered in our table just after a few minutes.

So here are the best sellers of Coco Veranda and opps, you might want to get some tissue for the drool.

The Food

It’s seafood and it’s my favorite type of dish. Honestly, I have tasted a lot of seafoods in Mindanao and it is very difficult to sway away from the standard I have set for this kind of meal.

I have a very discriminatory taste buds when it comes to seafood that I could tell whether it is fresh or not and Coco Veranda did not disappoint me on this criterion.

The prawns were lightly seasoned suited for people with a very sensitive taste for salty foods. The crabs were perfectly steamed and you will know that it wasn’t stored alive for a long time in captivity because of the thickness and tenderness of the meat sticking on its exoskeleton.

The baked scallops were a little salty for me but tolerable, it must be the brand of the cheese used as toppings that I am not used to. My favorite was the baked oysters with a taste that was so overpowering and with a kick of spiciness on it. Because of its freshness, you can savour the richness of umami.

The only dish that quite did not make it to the top was the rare and the most in- demand shellfish, Angel’s Wings or locally known as “Diwal”. With the objective of serving fresh seafoods, the staff  have served us a very fresh harvest Diwal, which should have been soaked first in freshwater for 24 hours to allow the sand grains removed.

"She sells sea shells from the seashore..."
Shellfish served at Coco Veranda (Oyster, Diwal or Angel Wings, Scalops)
But nevertheless, the shellfish was totally fresh and this could be an honest mistake on the part of the restaurant. But don’t take me wrong, even with some grains present on it, the baked Diwal tasted good and it has that unique taste different from the other shellfish that I have tried before. It’s a must try in Roxas City. Let it be known to everyone that Diwal is a seasonal delicacy.

"The coconut nut is not a NUT...but a DRUPE"
Special Buko Halo Halo

Your meal in Coco Veranda cannot be concluded without trying their most after dessert, the Special Buko Halo-Halo. This dessert placed inside the coconut was simply a grab taking delight with scoops of ice cream on top of the ingredients, making it more rich and flavorful. (opps drooling here). 


Compared to the prices offered in the metro, Coco Veranda has a competitive value for their meals. Assured of the seafood’s freshness, the prices were reasonable and I think a little cheaper compared to the well-established restaurants in the metro, so I think you can have the best value for your money  when you splurge on seafood here in Roxas City. 

Since all dishes where affordable and can be enjoyed even by the simple “mamamayan” so I am throwing my 4.5 stars for this.

To have an overview on how much you will spend for a seafood galore in Roxas City, check the list below:

Buko Juice (refreshment)
Php 45/pc

Blue Crabs
Php 75/100g
Php 130/100g
Baked scallop
Php 220/order
Baked Oysters
Php 120/8 pcs.
Diwal (Angel Wings)
Php 60/ 100g
White Marlin
Php 180/100g
Crispy Pata
Php 405/ order


Black Sambo
Php 55
Mango Perlier
Php 55
Blueberry Cheesecake
Php 95
Mango Float
Php 55
Buko Pandan
Php 55
Leche Plan
Php 45
Buko Halo-Halo
Php 105

Note: prices are subject to change based on the availability and season. 

The Place 

Established in 2007, Coco Veranda is a simple restaurant on the seaside and it wasn’t difficult to find as it sits just along the highway of Baybay, Roxas City. The famous restaurant is just a 10-minute tricycle ride from the city proper.

The restaurant kept the barrio image with ceiling made of the traditional nipa and sawali. Chairs and tables and other furniture were kept simple and some were made of wood and bamboo. 

The sea breeze would take care of your ventilation, not needing additional set of  air conditioner.

This venue can also cater special events like wedding receptions, christening, birthday parties and the likes. Take note, given that they offer seafood, you won't find insects flying everywhere, thumbs up for this so am I am giving away my 4 stars for this resto.


My first job was with the customer service oriented industry, I am very meticulous on the kind of service a restaurant provides and I think Coco Veranda simply knows why they are in the hospitality business. There is nothing to complaint as being polite and accommodating seemed to be the establishment’s uniform even during the time that we think we were already abusing their kindness to take our pictures here and there. But they seemed to be fine and happy to do it. You got my 5-star approval Coco.

Over All Verdict

I cannot refute the freshness of the seafood served to us and that was the strength of this restaurant. In addition to this, Coco Veranda has this mass appeal that magnets its patrons who wish to have a satisfying seafood meal. I would truly recommend this restaurant for everyone to try. All in all I am giving this establishment a 4-star rating (4/5).

For more information and reservation contact:

Coco Veranda
Lawis Baybay, Roxas City, Capiz 5800

Shiela Asis/ Nadja Uygen

Contact Numbers:  (036) 621 6185 | 666 0308
Mobile Number   : (+63) 918 930 9087

Store operation: 10am- 10pm

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