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Instagram-Worthy Hostel in Makati | Me and the Bunk Bed of Junction Hostel

For many, staying in Makati could be a real nightmare on your pocket if you are just earning enough for a living. But when the need arises that you are forced to live or stay for a couple of days or weeks in this posh city in the Philippines, there are a few budget hostels you can choose from that conspicuously litter in the business district. One of these is the Junction Hostel.

I had the opportunity to seek an overnight refuge in this somewhat inspiring hostel. Unlike the other hostel, the owner invested or rather expressed her love on witty arts and applied it on the interior of this not-your-ordinary accommodation in the city.

Security is tight. Doors starting from the entrance have automated locks. The welcoming interior of the lobby would make you put out your phone to take pictures of the place for IG purposes. The ambiance looks cozy and tourist-friendly.

As we went upstairs, the ingenuity of the artist never stopped on how she creatively imposed hostel rules without offending the guests. The "reminders" were actually cool, unconventional and uncanny that you wouldn't forget to share it to your friends for a laugh.

The hostel offers a room-sharing accommodation with palm-thick-sized beds. The room was quite small but the designer maximized every inch of the space available without compromising the convenience of their guests.

Just be reminded that you have to bring your own locks for the safety of your belongings. My only concern during my overnight stay here was, there were no hangers in the closet for my wrinkled shirts and polos and a rack for my pants and wet towel that I used after getting a shower.

You wouldn't worry taking shower during your stay as there are available clean comfort/shower rooms inside and outside of the room. Just don't drop your towels and run naked as these comfort rooms were made for sharing.

Downstairs is the common area for all the guests who wish to take some snacks or coffee. A small billiard pool can be used without a fee but of course you have to play with the others and wait for your turn if it is in use.

This is also your opportunity to mingle with other international travelers and gain some insights on their experiences around the globe. But don't forget to share our national treasures and provide them some tips to maximize their stay here in the Philippines of course.

And this I'll tell you, this interaction might not just give you a set of new friends but you might also end up meeting your destiny. But not that dirty people! You can flirt a little but not too slutty that you might regret it in the end. But it's really up to you.

There is also an entertainment room if you wish to break the ice by watching some action movies. Sorry guys but porn flicks are not part of the action adventure collection here.

And if you are need to extend your work or any business related tasks, requiring good internet connection, there is no need to look outside as the hostel has a couple of high-end computers with speedy internet connection.

How I rate this hostel?


This hostel is strategically located with just a 10-minute walk to the center of the business district. There's a nearby convenience store to tend for anything you need. A nearby affordable hangout bar for the yuppies is just a street away. With this, I am giving this hostel a 5-star rating for its location.

Creativity/ Uniqueness

I have seen other hotels with unique features but Junction Hostel was tailored for backpackers and solo travelers like me. But they made sure that staying in this hostel won't bore you with the engineered interior and friendly ambiance. Since it was perfectly suited for travelers like me, this hostel is getting my 5-star approval.


To smile is the uniform of this hostel. Staff are professional and very accommodating. There was a cool attitude towards inquiries, fitting the international standards of a hospitality business. The hostel's facility is given free and always available. They deserve my 5-star rating for being a service oriented establishment.

Room rates

The rate of the bunkbeds are catered for international travelers which still very cheap in their end. But for a thrifty Filipino traveler like me, the Php 850 a night in a coed bunk bed is quite a little off the budget. But if you are going to analyze and weigh the services and convenience, this rate is already a good deal given that you are in the most expensive city in the Philippine. Im throwing away my 4 stars for this.

For more information you can contact the numbers below.

Annex Matheus Building
Gen. Luna Corner Don Pedro Streets,
Barangay Poblacion 1210 Makati City

contact numbers: +632 5016575/78 | +639175541813

FB/Junction Hostels

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