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Instagram-Worthy Hostel in Makati | Me and the Bunk Bed of Junction Hostel

For many, staying in Makati could be a real nightmare on your pocket if you are just earning enough for a living. But when the need arises that you are forced to live or stay for a couple of days or weeks in this posh city in the Philippines, there are a few budget hostels you can choose from that conspicuously litter in the business district. One of these is the Junction Hostel.

The "Undated" and Mysteriously Forgotten Church of Sta. Monica

I am not sure if this is the only case of a church in the Philippines that have no date of erection. The Sta. Monica Church in Botolan, Zambales was built using 98% coral stone but the date of its erection is still unknown. There are three churches in Zambales that were made of coral stones and established during the Spanish era in the Philippines. The other two are found in Sta. Cruz and Iba, Zambales.

Capturing The Colours of Botolan | A Zambales Exploration

The stressful and sickening environment of the metro is one dose of toxin near to your death and it’s just so hard to escape.

Hoping to beat the daily routine, I came running north back to my birth province of Zambales for a break or some kind of a retreat. Life has been difficult these days and my focus were just off for a long time now and I can hardly create something productive out of my precious time. I need to breath!

Why Boracay Waters Will NEVER EVER Touch My Skin? | Paradise Gone Forever

I told myself long before that Boracay would be the last on my list of the places I will be visiting in the Philippines. Darn! It seems promises are really meant to be broken, as Boracay had become my gateway to the island of Panay.

Tasting the Best of Seafood in Roxas City, Capiz | The Coco Veranda Food Adventure

I am a seafood addict and this is a confession I am not shy to disclose. My craving for seafood is just crazy that I could devour an entire meal  suited for a family of ten. Yes, you read it right and there is nothing so satisfying to have it served fresh coming from the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Roxas City in Capiz, Island of Panay.

Will There Be Another Roxas in Roxas President’s Inn? | Roxas City, Capiz

After my quick trip to Boracay, my travel buddy and me decided to have a fast track to other provinces of Panay Island. As we reached Capiz, we opted to spend the night somewhere and luckily we bumped into this cozy inn in the heart of Roxas City. The catchy name of the hotel ‘Roxas President’s Inn' was a little intriguing and sounds dignified and decent to rest our aching body. Only then we were informed that the hotel was literally named after President Manuel Roxas, born just block away from the location of the hotel.