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Marinduque Says Thank You Miss Philippines Earth 2015 | Environmental Campaign and Pre-Pageant Night

Marinduque was set on fire when the delegates of the Miss Philippines Earth 2015 visited the island province for a 2-day environmental awareness campaign and a pre-pageant night.

The excitement of the locals cannot be concealed as the entire province welcomed the 20 beautiful delegates coming from the different corners of the country.

Safe Places and Destinations to Visit in Mindanao

This may sound a little absurd as this article might ring the confirmation that Mindanao is a dangerous place to visit. But I am only writing this article just to give emphasis on the beautiful places that we have visited and have been tested to be tourist friendly to both local and foreign visitors. Stereotyping is really out of the question!

Landmarks and Places to Visit in Bataan

Have you ever wondered what to see in Bataan? I did. I have never thought before that Bataan has so much to offer to its visitors and  shame on me that I have only known this place because of the historical Death March. In my recent escapade, I decided to wander around and discover some of the province’s tourist attractions. So here is the list of the places you can visit in Bataan: