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It’s All Shades, Sun and Sand in Bantayan Island | Beating the Summer Heat of 2015

The Philippines has so many pristine tourist destinations and this might be one of the reasons why it’s so hard for me to leave this country and work or live abroad. This country’s beaches, unexplored caves, undiscovered waterfalls and mountains are just endless. 

Mode of transportation in Bantayan Island
But despite of the high potential of the Philippines to become the center of international tourism, at least in Asia, our mechanisms had been shadowed with corruption. 

As what the common Filipino would say, “We love the Philippines but we hate our government!” But let’s not talk about politics, leave it to the people who dwell in a world filled with so many controversies and love to make news out of ideologies.

Let’s talk about FUN, let’s talk about SUMMER!

Summer is at the peak of tourism influx that starts from the end of March to early June. This also coincides with the vacation from schools for most students in the Philippines, where thousands travel back to their respected provinces to be reunited with relatives and also to beat the punishing urban heat.

Most of the time, summer starts during the Lenten Season, where Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are proclaimed national holidays. This would give the families and the working group the time to enjoy a long weekend vacation and reflect during the Holy Week.

I am part of this group whom found a chance to escape and visit some of the paradise destinations in my own country. I have promised not to be a stranger in my own backyard and so, I must witness the different shades of my own land.

Summer came so perfect in 2015 that I was invited by some friends to rush to the Queen City of the South, Cebu! This island province is one of my favorite places to visit during summer because of the surprises that seems to never run out even if I'd been to the same destination every year.  

Accompanied by some members of the Skyscrapercity Cebu Chapter, we rushed to the raved island of Bantayan on a Wednesday. Though I have been to the island for a couple of times, I have never seen the place with such a great crowd during the Holy Week and that was the perfect opportunity for me to assess this island after it was hit by the Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2013. Well, it seems everything was back to normal and business as usual in Bantayan.

The Catholic Church in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, a year after Haiyan

This island summer destination in Cebu sits at the northern tip of the island of and is known to be as one of the most popular summer getaways in the Philippines. The white sand beaches of Bantayan Island have been included so many times in the “listicles” of  Favorite Tourist Destinations in the Philippines by travel agencies and travel bloggers.

Bantayan is a 3-town municipality island that includes Sta. Fe, Madridejos and Bantayan Proper. Sta. Fe is quite the busiest town for it holds most of the white beaches in the area.

You don’t have to worry about where to stay in the paradise island as hundreds of affordable accommodations litter along the municipal road of Sta. Fe. It’s just that prices soar three folds higher during the summer season and on holidays. But if all hopes are gone, just put up your tent and you'll have the starry starry sky as your roof, and the sea breeze as your ventilation!

So, if you are in a very tight budget, I suggest to visit the island from the month of July to October, but just be mindful of the storm signals from the weather forecast before hitting the road to Bantayan.

Breath-taking view of Bantayan Island, Cebu

The seascape alone in Sta. Fe would make everyone drag their feet out of their roof and dive into the turquoise water of the beach. Bantayan is nothing with out its breathtaking shore and had been a favorite hangout among foreigners to get a beautiful tan.

The cream-like sand in this island would make you shake off that little devil in you as a lot of gorgeous ladies and super hunk men litters the beach in their skimpy bikinis and shorts that would make you literally drool.  

Getting a tan is not a problem in Bantayan 
Well if you don’t fit in the upper category of hot chicks and hunks, there are also a lot of people with flabs wearing oversized shirts and shorts wandering around (the watchers) so you won’t be left out of place.  I am not sure where I belong. What I knew was that I was enjoying my stay.

But what I like the most about Bantayan Island was its precious and dramatic sunrise and sunset. Everything becomes golden as the sun touches the blessed town. 

A morning walk or a jog with your special someone would turn the ordinary beach day into a “Walk to Remember” moment. So be ready for everything that might happen as you might get off guard to receive a marriage proposal with the vast blue ocean and white sand as the witness to your everlasting love.

I have stayed in the island for the last four days doing the art of nothing aside from watching the red  crimson-like sky painted by the beautiful setting sun. The view was just a delight and so inspiring that you would simply lie down, dream, wonder and just let the time stand still forever.

Taking a jog at the beach before sunrise was my favorite part of the day. The dripping sweats from my body was just refreshing to release all the radicals and stresses that have built up for months.

I just ran  until I couldn't feel my legs and just drop on the sand. It was freedom! It was life! It was all about the sound of peace that somehow had been long missing in my life.

Nobody cares who you are in this place and you will never be judged by your social status in life.  You can be yourself and enjoy the life and the freedom that are now hard to express in the guided norm of the society.

I could only wish to stay longer in Bantayan or better yet….live here forever.

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Happy summer everyone!!!

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  1. Awesome and I enjoyed reading your travel stories. I have been to Cebu before sometime ago but sad that I did not visit the Bantayan Island.