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It’s All Shades, Sun and Sand in Bantayan Island | Beating the Summer Heat of 2015

The Philippines has so many pristine tourist destinations and this might be one of the reasons why it’s so hard for me to leave this country and work or live abroad. This country’s beaches, unexplored caves, undiscovered waterfalls and mountains are just endless. 

Bataan is Moving Strong…and Pretty!

“BOOM! BANG and another BANG!.... then an unknown black smoke oozed into the sky, turning everything dark, then the roaring tora tora flew in, bombing everything on the ground…then the stench of the splattered human blood filled the misty air and the day was made more freigthening by the long and deep eerie cry from the women and children across Bataan… The Japanese were here! "

"The imperial soldiers conquered the land like a sweeping tornado! And with every local resistance, the walls and streets of Bataan were turned into an open mural, painted with blood, spilling from the slaugthered men and women killed here and there with the unforgiving bayonets fiercing through their restless and tortured body."