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Discovering Tayabas Quezon | A "Luxurious" Adventure

Quezon Province is one of the Philippines' front runner for tourist destinations and this sleeping giant just couldn’t stop revealing  surprises. The grand eastern countryside of Luzon is mostly known for its coconut production but you’ll  be shocked to know that Quezon is more than meets the eye.

Setting Your Expectation Right | The Truth About Hundred Island National Park

My only goal for visiting this famous Philippine landmark was to validate the total count of the islets that litter the sea across Alaminos. I guess we are thinking of the same thing whether if it is true that there are really at least a hundred island and islet found in Pangasinan.

Well, the only way to find out is to visit the place and count it for your self. The easiest way to validate this is to search the web via Google and you’ll have the answer in an instant. But for me it would be more realistic and adventurous if you will experience Hundred Island first hand and enjoy the boat ride while counting the mysterious rocky islets one by one.