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Strawberry Valley Hotel and Restaurant | Waking Up with Strawberries in La Trinidad Valley Benguet

This post should be as sweet as the La Trinidad strawberries, but somehow got bitter when I bumped on an unexpected scenario in a place to which I initially planned to recommend for the season of Valentine’s Day. 

Anyway, I got this set of idea where to spend your sweet February escapade.-The Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad Valley. Yeah, sounds corny and very usual right? But how about spending your nights and waking up in the sweet and sensual aroma of the strawberries  with the morning frozen dews still attached at the tip of each heart-shaped fruit? Sounds like a good treat huh? Yup, that’s the idea anyway until everything was ruined.

What a view! Strawberry Farm of La Trinidad Valley in Benguet
I am making this article short as I am only publishing this just to inform you that if ever you are through with your romantic date at The Rose Capital of the Philippines, and you need to find a quick and convenient place to relax and do some sleep over, I can endorse you (not recommending) to the one and  only one cheap accommodation inside the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad Valley, THE STRAWBERRY VALLEY HOTEL! For as low as Php 450.00 (Queen Bed), you can have a “decent” room to spend the night with, fronting the vast fields of strawberries.

Front of the Strawberry Valley Hotel and Restaurant
The Strawberry Valley Hotel is an LGU operated establishment in La Trinidad, Benguet that caters accommodation and reception for various local events like wedding, christening, family reunion and the likes. This "hotel" is a convenient accommodation after you have had a swollen feet and hand, picking strawberries and haggling with farmers and vendors for fresh vegetables and souvenirs direct from the farm. 

Caution to public: 

  • Do not expect a 5 star  reception and treatment in this hotel (not even 1).   
  • The service is really poor, the location outside is a little crowded. 
  • There is a parking lot outside for a fee. 
  • The staff at the reception area has this snobbish type of aura. 
  • The hotel is ran by government employee that will “welcome” you as cold as the chilling temperature in Benguet.   

It seems like the place is the castle of the Snow Queen. It's so "cold". No wonder no one is promoting this hotel. And I also wonder who is the deciding team that approved to put these kind of unwelcoming personnel not qualified to be in this kind of HOSPITALITY BUSINESS. The local tourism office must have been sleeping or hallucinating when they made the recommendations. Hello MAYOR? Are you there?

I am only speaking in behalf of our personal experience when we visited this establishment that supposedly in parallel to the HOSPITABLE TOURISM BUSINESS of our government but turned out to be the opposite.  NO PUN INTENDED! But here is my honest judgement:

Location : Very strategic, convenient, and I'll give them 4 stars
Personnel: 0 explanation needed.
Food: Not observed, and have no intention to try.

Here is their contact numbers for reservation in case you have no other choice or it's a matter of life and death scenario to have a quick wash up:

Strawberry Farm, Km 6, Betog, La Trinidad, Benguet, 2601

Telephone numbers : (074) 309.2921/422.0822


Here is the partial reference on the type of rooms and its corresponding rates:

No.of rooms
Room Type
Queen Bed w/ CR and Balcony
Queen Bed (common CR)
Twin Bed
Quad Bed
Dormitory room w/ CR
Dormitory room w/ common CR
Dormitory room w/ common CR

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