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Beautiful Panay | People, Places and Food

I can consider Panay as one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines as this huge island simply has everything ranging from towering mountains, beautiful beaches, and delicious delicacies to colorful festivities.

The Road to Taal Volcano

For a long time now, I had been wondering what is it like seeing  Taal Volcano upclose and personal. That day came when we had a quick trip to Batangas for our field exposure. Just fresh from our Matabungkay staycation, we head directly to Talisay Batangas for another trip. This time we were heading to the famous Taal Volcano or better known as the world’s smallest volcano. Our base resort was the Kay LilingResort and Spa, a sort of Korean operated resort in Barangay Banga, Talisay, Batangas.

Let’s Take a Look Inside the "Virgin" Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

There is a stigma of fear about the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant that was created by propaganda when the Aquino administration was able to kick out Marcos from the Malacañang Palace. The billion-dollar project of Marcos was totally shut down that could have aided the Philippines on its power supply, at least in Luzon.

Discovering Sepoc Island | Anilao, Batangas

Anilao is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines in terms of water sports and recreations. This part of Batangas is sought after because of the SCUBA diving adventures it can offer to its visitors. I have been to Anilao more than a couple of times and most of it were due to scholastic works and SCUBA diving.

What to Do and What to Eat in Lucban | A Samkara Staycation

I’d been to some parts of Quezon before like Lucena and Tayabas but I have never been to Lucban until I was invited by a friend to check the newest resort in town they called Samkara.

Lucban is a seasoned star municipality famous for their vibrant Pahiyas Festival. And with the boost of tourism industry, investors are now coming in to support the micro economy of this former Spanish established community in the province of Quezon.

Located adjacent to some of the legendary areas like Lucena, Majayjay and Tayabas, Lucban shouldn’t be undermined as this place can offer some experiences to its guests ranging from heritage sites to some of the finest delectable delights.

A Glamorous Staycation at Costa Pacifica Baler

The sun shines bright in this side of Aurora where everything turns golden and alive. But my visit to Baler had been much vibrant after experiencing the new and fabulous resort of Costa Pacifica Baler and here is why:

The Few Things I Love About Baler

It was a beautiful morning when the bright sunshine greeted me so sweet, hearing not far from afar the rush of waves coming from the beach. And two years it has been since the last time I have visited this remote and historical town in Aurora but it just feels like yesterday when I used to blend well with the locals.

Getting "Scrubbed" at White Palace Spa

To work and live in the metro is really intoxicating. The day to day struggle is just physically and mentally bogging, breaking down your soul and body.

I have this belief that all work and no play makes a person dull and would truly drain the energy out of your life and would slowly kill you in the process. So, it wouldn’t be too much to  ask and give yourself a little break and indulge for a relaxing day in a spa once a week to rejuvenate your tired body and soul after an exhaustive week of hard work.

Instagram-Worthy Hostel in Makati | Me and the Bunk Bed of Junction Hostel

For many, staying in Makati could be a real nightmare on your pocket if you are just earning enough for a living. But when the need arises that you are forced to live or stay for a couple of days or weeks in this posh city in the Philippines, there are a few budget hostels you can choose from that conspicuously litter in the business district. One of these is the Junction Hostel.

The "Undated" and Mysteriously Forgotten Church of Sta. Monica

I am not sure if this is the only case of a church in the Philippines that have no date of erection. The Sta. Monica Church in Botolan, Zambales was built using 98% coral stone but the date of its erection is still unknown. There are three churches in Zambales that were made of coral stones and established during the Spanish era in the Philippines. The other two are found in Sta. Cruz and Iba, Zambales.

Capturing The Colours of Botolan | A Zambales Exploration

The stressful and sickening environment of the metro is one dose of toxin near to your death and it’s just so hard to escape.

Hoping to beat the daily routine, I came running north back to my birth province of Zambales for a break or some kind of a retreat. Life has been difficult these days and my focus were just off for a long time now and I can hardly create something productive out of my precious time. I need to breath!

Why Boracay Waters Will NEVER EVER Touch My Skin? | Paradise Gone Forever

I told myself long before that Boracay would be the last on my list of the places I will be visiting in the Philippines. Darn! It seems promises are really meant to be broken, as Boracay had become my gateway to the island of Panay.

Tasting the Best of Seafood in Roxas City, Capiz | The Coco Veranda Food Adventure

I am a seafood addict and this is a confession I am not shy to disclose. My craving for seafood is just crazy that I could devour an entire meal  suited for a family of ten. Yes, you read it right and there is nothing so satisfying to have it served fresh coming from the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Roxas City in Capiz, Island of Panay.

Will There Be Another Roxas in Roxas President’s Inn? | Roxas City, Capiz

After my quick trip to Boracay, my travel buddy and me decided to have a fast track to other provinces of Panay Island. As we reached Capiz, we opted to spend the night somewhere and luckily we bumped into this cozy inn in the heart of Roxas City. The catchy name of the hotel ‘Roxas President’s Inn' was a little intriguing and sounds dignified and decent to rest our aching body. Only then we were informed that the hotel was literally named after President Manuel Roxas, born just block away from the location of the hotel.

The Flavors of St. Nicholas Restaurant | Just Got “Digested”

I was informed that there is a new restaurant in Mandaluyong City that is making a noise in the gastronomic world and receiving some good reviews from its patrons, so, I got curious that I invited my blogger friend Wyatt of Wyatt’sKitchen to verify this rave report. Though there was a map provided to us,  it took us awhile to locate to where St. Nicholas Restaurant is seated near the City Hall of Mandaluyong.

Understanding the Rules of Gun | Stronghand Shooting Range (Review)

I am no longer stranger in the world of guns since I have worked in one part of Mindanao where a battalion of army dominates the place. In fact I have an army escort while exploring the vastness of Mindanao mountains in the east side. And my journey with them made me immune with all the kinds of ammunition that I used to fear.

Marinduque Says Thank You Miss Philippines Earth 2015 | Environmental Campaign and Pre-Pageant Night

Marinduque was set on fire when the delegates of the Miss Philippines Earth 2015 visited the island province for a 2-day environmental awareness campaign and a pre-pageant night.

The excitement of the locals cannot be concealed as the entire province welcomed the 20 beautiful delegates coming from the different corners of the country.

Safe Places and Destinations to Visit in Mindanao

This may sound a little absurd as this article might ring the confirmation that Mindanao is a dangerous place to visit. But I am only writing this article just to give emphasis on the beautiful places that we have visited and have been tested to be tourist friendly to both local and foreign visitors. Stereotyping is really out of the question!

Landmarks and Places to Visit in Bataan

Have you ever wondered what to see in Bataan? I did. I have never thought before that Bataan has so much to offer to its visitors and  shame on me that I have only known this place because of the historical Death March. In my recent escapade, I decided to wander around and discover some of the province’s tourist attractions. So here is the list of the places you can visit in Bataan:

It’s All Shades, Sun and Sand in Bantayan Island | Beating the Summer Heat of 2015

The Philippines has so many pristine tourist destinations and this might be one of the reasons why it’s so hard for me to leave this country and work or live abroad. This country’s beaches, unexplored caves, undiscovered waterfalls and mountains are just endless. 

Bataan is Moving Strong…and Pretty!

“BOOM! BANG and another BANG!.... then an unknown black smoke oozed into the sky, turning everything dark, then the roaring tora tora flew in, bombing everything on the ground…then the stench of the splattered human blood filled the misty air and the day was made more freigthening by the long and deep eerie cry from the women and children across Bataan… The Japanese were here! "

"The imperial soldiers conquered the land like a sweeping tornado! And with every local resistance, the walls and streets of Bataan were turned into an open mural, painted with blood, spilling from the slaugthered men and women killed here and there with the unforgiving bayonets fiercing through their restless and tortured body."

Discovering Tayabas Quezon | A "Luxurious" Adventure

Quezon Province is one of the Philippines' front runner for tourist destinations and this sleeping giant just couldn’t stop revealing  surprises. The grand eastern countryside of Luzon is mostly known for its coconut production but you’ll  be shocked to know that Quezon is more than meets the eye.

Setting Your Expectation Right | The Truth About Hundred Island National Park

My only goal for visiting this famous Philippine landmark was to validate the total count of the islets that litter the sea across Alaminos. I guess we are thinking of the same thing whether if it is true that there are really at least a hundred island and islet found in Pangasinan.

Well, the only way to find out is to visit the place and count it for your self. The easiest way to validate this is to search the web via Google and you’ll have the answer in an instant. But for me it would be more realistic and adventurous if you will experience Hundred Island first hand and enjoy the boat ride while counting the mysterious rocky islets one by one.

Strawberry Valley Hotel and Restaurant | Waking Up with Strawberries in La Trinidad Valley Benguet

This post should be as sweet as the La Trinidad strawberries, but somehow got bitter when I bumped on an unexpected scenario in a place to which I initially planned to recommend for the season of Valentine’s Day. 

Holiday Escapade to Marikit-na Beach and Resort in Maniwaya Island | Discovering the Cheapest Villa in Marinduque

For the past few years, I’d been making my own tradition of avoiding the rush and the panicking public during the December holidays. On these days, I simply wish not to be stressed out of what to fill into my refrigerator and what to cook for the Noche Buena. Yes that’s true, I am the Grinch of the Christmas day and instead of being in commune with the holiday celebration, I opted to be in total isolation.