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Joyous Tangway | One of Balanga’s Finest Restaurants

Intrigued by the TV show Ang Pinaka (The Finest) that featured Bataan’s finest and best choices of restaurants, we went on a trip to try the top of their list, the Joyous Tangway.

Joyous Tangway sits in the heart of Balanga City just along the Capitol Drive. Outside, the small restaurant have the fancy look and seems just like any ordinary  resto I have seen in Metro Manila. Excited with what the chef has to offer, we looked into their menu and checked on their best sellers. 

And these were what they served us:

1. Pinakbet

I guess the 30 percent Ilokano in me simply favoured this vegetable dish . The presentation and the taste were above average so I'll give it a 4.5/5 rating.

2. Grilled Liempo

 There was no extra ordinary about this dish. It tasted just the same grilled liempo that I have ordered in other restaurants in the city and even in other provinces. It is one mediocre dish so I'll give it a 3/5 rating.

3. Sisig na Bangus (Milk Fish)

I have heard of Sisig na Bangus before but this was the first time I have actually tasted it. The meat of the fish was finely chopped and “spiced up”. What I liked about this dish was the presentation as the chopped meat of the fish was placed back on the skin using the sizzling plate. The taste was above average gaining my nod for a 4/5 rating.

4. Sinigang ng Manok sa Ayo (Soured Chicken)

This dish was the most interesting among the food served to us. The traditional Filipino dish Sinigang na Manok is usually soured using a broth of young tamarind leaves and fruit, guava and sometimes green mango. But for Tangway they make use of  leaves from AYO (Terastigma harmandii) , a woody vine that grows in the forested part of Luzon up to Mindoro and Panay. 

The leaf of Ayo is very sour once tasted raw, making this a good alternative for tamarind leaves and fruit to sour your Sinigang. 

The Sinigang na Manok sa ayo that was served to us was not that sour but it has a different kick on my taste bud and not usual compared with the traditional Sinigang na Manok. 

But as a fan of sinigang na manok,  I always love to have my sinigang very sour. Maybe next time I will request from the chef to put more Ayo leaves to strengthen the sourness of this sinigang. This dish from Tangway got a 4.5/5 rating.

Honestly speaking, it was the Sinigang ng Manok sa Ayo that I could really recommend for you to try and compare it with your ordinary Sinigang. Other dishes were all decent and affordable and above mediocre. For me, Joyous Tangway is not on top of my list of best restaurants in Bataan but it will definitely fall somewhere on my top 10. There are still other restaurants to try around Balanga and our reviews coming very soon.

Another must try:

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