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Must Love Bataan | The Beanery

Just as coffee shops have majestically popped up like mushrooms in every city in the Philippines, there will always something that will stand exceptional from the rest. Today’s competition is high and one business must come up with one brilliant idea, top-secret recipes and unique gimmick to make people come over and over again. And the only way to make one's business on top of the chain is to fuse innovation with NEW ADDICTION.

We arrived in Bataan just like any other touristy kind of travelers, looking for matchless experience to share with you our dear readers. At first, I have undermined Balanga, Bataan by comparing the city with any other mediocre places in the Philippines. Fortunately, my eerie pride made me kissed my knees out of shame after a dinner experience at The Beanery.

Through an invitation from Karl of Turista Trails, I have come to meet the staff  of the Tourism Office of Bataan in full force  . They offered us to have a taste of their culinary pride which they considered “theirs” or something that rooted from the province. Proud and confident as they bluntly speak about it, I was just like a brat child with “unaffected” facial expression having bratty words running in my head okay, let’s see.

Cordon Blue, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagna and  Lechon Kawali served at The Beanery, Bataan
The dinner meet up was set at The Beanery, a local cafe with four branches littered in the city. Getting my approval on this would be so tough as I am very meticulous and sensitive when it comes to liking new and strange food. So, be careful!

But just like what Renee Zellweger said to Jerry McGuire, BATAAN HAD ME AT HELLO! Landing at their door, the cafe instantly captivated me with their bit mixture of modern and classic interiors with a cozy warm ambiance that looks very comfortable to dine in. My first impression was- the shop looks expensive ha, sosyal!  But we were there not to eat their walls, chairs and tables. So, can somebody please pitch me the menu? (taray)

Sumptuous Baby Back Ribs served at The Beanery, Bataan
My excitement rose high when the store manager came to take our orders. Ms. Lolit from the Tourism Office enthusiastically requested for the cafĂ©’s best sellers. We had no objection as we were so timid to pronounce anything that sounds expensive. And it’s not in our culture to be rude in any place we visit in the Philippines and more so, to demand from our host of anything beyond their capacity. Respect people, respect!

Busy exchanging stories with our lovely new found friends, something stumped me from talking when the first dish was served. Just like a bomb fired from a distance, the aroma of the melted cheese in Baked Macaroni and Lasagna bombarded all of my olfactory nerves to full awakening. 

Jello Freeze and the Chocolate Almond cake from The Beanery, Bataan
Then suddenly, the waiter came back carrying the ginormous plated Baby Back Ribs that made my eyebrows rose too high up to my receding hairline. The plating simply pumped up my appetite and got more excited after I have tasted the juicy and well savored meat. 

Dish after dish landed on our table that I have forgotten what I have exactly consumed. All I know was that various types of cakes have overflowed and just so irresistible that I took a slice on each type.  The Spaghetti Bolognese made a mark on my taste bud that horrifyingly I have finished the whole plate, sorry guys. 

Together with The Beanery store manager, Jermain, liking Bataan Tourism

Gastronomically Outstanding! A+

In the end of the wonderful treat, each of us enjoyed a glassful of their best seller Jello Freeze, a coffee frappe with black gelatine, mixed with iced coffee.  That dinner was so overwhelming that I couldn’t remember the last time I had a satisfying meal just like this.

Gluttony it may seem, The Beanery is surely a sinful place for such tasty meals. Good thing Sunday was my cheat day that I could devour anything that makes me happy.

Left to Right: Kuya Allan, Karl, Ms. Lolit, Mr. Norbert Gonzales, Ms, Techie, Love Mindanao and Ms. Danica
I was so shameful that I have judged this city as mediocre, when culinary wise they got something A+ . So far, The Beanery is on top of my favorite affordable restaurants in Bataan.

To have an idea how much it takes to dine at The Beanery, below is the list of their best sellers that we have tasted with their corresponding prices. Bon appetite!

Ham & Cheese sandwich
Cheese Bacon Sandwich
Jello Freeze
Baby Back Ribs
Cordon Bleu
Spaghetti Bolognese
Baked Macaroni
Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Almond
Signature Cake
For other restaurant and interesting foods to try in Bataan just click ----> here.

Our deepest gratitude to Bataan Tourism for the warm welcome and for this wonderful dinner treat.

Mabuhay Bataan!


  1. thanks @karl for tagging me here :)

  2. Prices are quite decent. It's always great to be served with the best food recommendations, especially from someone very respected like the tourist office rep. I would also love to try everything here!

  3. Judging from the prices of the dishes you had, you had so much great value for money!! Now i want to go to Bataan just for this resto.

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  5. This is a place where I can really enjoy coffee and food! :)

  6. It been a long time since my last visit in Bataan, I just stayed at Maritime Academy for Asia and the Pacific so I didn't time to explore place.Its nice to see places like this in Bataan...I love the Back Ribs..very inviting!

  7. Naks! Love to try the Baby Backribs from Beanery, Bataan. This place is so cool and I love the ambiance, parang romantic place ata dito Love Mindanao.

  8. Mouthwatering - literally! These foods are really scrumptious even in pictures.

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