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Life Beneath and Under | SCUBA Diving at Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort

The fear of drowning still ticks in my head whenever I will be receiving an invitation for a recreational dive. Though I am no longer new to this kind of “water sports”, still each dive always feels like as my first time. Good thing this recreational sport can fit almost everyone that even a short person like me could always fit into those wet suits and can always carry those heavy air tanks on my back.

My aquatic jaunts before coming to Manila were mostly based on the rich marine coast of Surigao and Sarangani. This time, I have decided to further my discoveries and give the waters of Mindanao a rest and explore another place of adventure.  Since I truly missed the mists of the marine water, I decided to go deep and under and do the SCUBA Diving at the SCUBA Capital of the Philippines-Anilao in Mabini, Batangas. 

Anilao has been a favourite spot for SCUBA Diving among locals and foreign visitors  because of the protected and preserved coral reefs. Anilao is one of the top destinations in the Philippines in terms of water adventure because of its accessibility and top of the notch dive resorts in the area. 

Through a friendly recommendation from a colleague in the blogging community, Edgar Zeta Yap, we met Mr. Marco Santos, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort. It wasn’t my first time to visit Anilao but I have never tried peeping into their coral garden until Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort showcased their dive facility that enticed me more to try going deep under.

How would I rate my experience in Aiyanar? I would give them a FIVE STAR! Why? Continue reading…

A well organized dive shop and facility of Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort
Coming to Aiyanar put me in awe not because they have a grandeur 5 star type of accommodation but because of their well-equipped organized dive shop. No words came out of my mouth but WOW when we strolled and checked the resort’s facility. I was fully mesmerized as I have never seen an almost perfect dive shop facility in the Philippines as of to this writing. I don’t want to sound discriminating against the other dive shops that I had been before, but Aiyanar is a spot on when it comes to cleanliness  and organization.

" No plates,trays and cups left unturned!"

How can I resist? Sumptuous food served at Aiyanar.
Divers have their own spaces and trays to place their dive gears and personal belongings. You won’t see anything littered on the ground and the resort’s equipment was seemed almost new and in excellent condition.

I was even startled that they even have their own air compression facility adjacent to their shop to refill their empty air tanks, so no worries that your dive experience will be put on hanging just because there is no extra air tank available.

Gears like wetsuit, masks, BCDs with regulators are well kept in a dispatch room, arranged, tagged and were all sanitized before and after use. The only thing that would make this dive shop perfect is if they have the hyperbaric chamber used for divers having decompression sickness.

I could describe in the not so bias way how the resort staff have spoiled us the moment we arrived by offering us with a sumptuous plated breakfast paired with hot brewed coffee that was just with the right aroma to shake my sleepy wandering mind.  Superb customer service, and that’s another five star point for you Aiyanar! Hurray!
"The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish."

— Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer
Pool orientation for first time to experience Discover Scuba at Aiyanar
With the relaxing ambiance of the resort, my excitement couldn’t be concealed wishing I could already fit my small frail body in one of their wet suits, but our two friends, Joshua and Trish have to undergo the mandatory orientation with the dive instructor prior to actual diving. 

"Diving burns the carbs you know?"
Trish, Joshua and I getting ready for the first back roll.
Listening to them reminded me of my very first orientation with Jake Miranda of Punta Bilar and it seems just like yesterday since I have become addicted to this kind of recreational sport. 

After the orientation, Trish and Joshua fit into their SCUBA gears and had their pool exercise intended for first time divers. The pool was more than 15 feet, deep enough to teach first time students on the basics of SCUBA diving. To immortalize their first SCUBA lesson, I initiated to click on Trish’s Go Pro and record their underwater SCUBA session. You are gonna love it Trish.

One thing that many should know, SCUBA diving is an energy draining physical activity, leaving you restless and HUNGRY. It was a good concept of the resort that they offer buffet type of lunch and dinner to which divers would really appreciate. Being under the water would burn all your calories due to the increase of oxygen consumption. The lunch was superb as there are variations of viands you can choose from. In my case, no trays were unturned before I left my table. YUM YUM! 4.5 star for this. Remember taste is acquired. 

-Dive as you have never dived before!-
Our dive spot, Caban Cove
My heart was jumping out of excitement when the dive instructor decided to proceed to our dive spots, Caban Cove and Darilaut. Our dive instructor gave us our dive plan reaching and exploring up to the depth of 18-20 meters. Josh and Trish were accompanied by the dive instructor Marco while I and blogger Lillian of Wanderlass were accompanied by Dive master X (sorry I forgot your name but you are one great dive master that's for sure!).


Gliding underwater was a “breathtaking” experience, witnessing the colourful life blossoming underneath. Different sizes and shapes of corals litter the ocean floor with fish of different kinds swim back and forth from their hiding places.

"The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves …"

— Wyland, Marine Life Artist
Counter clockwise: Two nudibranch for possible mating, a seastar shrimp hiding on the grove of Linkia starfish, and  one cute baby frogfish camouflaging among the corals. (Underwater Photos property of Lilliane Cobiao of Wanderlass Travels)
One memorable event that had almost put me in panic was when a school of anchovies swarm around me, making the water murky and separated me from my dive mates.

Good thing I kept myself calm and looked keenly around until I saw flashes of light coming from not so far. It was a signal from our dive master that have guided me back with my dive buddies. I was happy and  proud that I was able to put into practice what my dive instructors have thought me when I was just a SCUBA student.

The Casitas of Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort
I could only wish to extend my SCUBA diving experience in Anilao but each dive lasted only for an hour and the weather was not cooperating that we have to pack up back to the resort. Just timely when we boarded the boat, torrential rain poured heavily, making our wet body shiver to death. 

As I have mentioned a while ago, SCUBA diving is an exhausting activity and only a high carbo dinner would ease my cramping stomach. The resort answered my silent prayers serving us with a splendid dinner. 

My day in Aiyanar ended hitting the soft bed after a hot shower. I could only wish every day is Aiyanar day. 

My sincerest thanks to the management of Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort especially to Marco Santos. To my dive mates Joshua of Wandering Juan, Trish of In Transit and Lilliane of Wanderlass Travels, thank you for a great time spent together. See you soon on our next dive adventure.

Hotel and Dive Rates

Type of Rooms
# of rooms
Rooms w/ fullboard meals-lunch dinner,bfast-lunch w/ unlimited coffee,tea and hot cocoa
A. Suite-Ocean View w/ 2 Queen Sized Bed
B. Deluxe-Ocean view with  Double –sized beds
C. Deluxe-Ocean view with  1 King –sized beds
D. Casitas-Seaview with 2 Queen sized beds

To check more on their resort facility click here---> Aiyanar rooms and other facilities

SCUBA  Packages

Group of Divers
>5 w/
2 DMs
1 Dive out package
2 Dive out package
3 Dive out package
Night Dive

For other PADI courses and training check on this link ---SCUBA at Aiyanar.

My Rate and Verdict ? I will cut my ring finger if this place is not worth your money! So, Aiyanar don't let me lose my finger please!

Hotel Accommodation
 5 Star
Customer Service and Hospitality
5 Star
Food and Beverages
4.5 Star
Dive Shop and Facility
5 Star

For more information ring the numbers below:

Sitio Looc, Brgy. Bagalangit
Mabini, Batangas, Philippines
Tel. No.: +6343.4171342

Mobile No. +63917.594.0056

Sales and Marketing Manager
Mobile No. +63917.883.1439

Resort Manager
Mobile No. +63917.883.1428

79 Bellitudo Strip Katipunan Ave.
White Plains, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.: +632.949.2593

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