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Durian Coffee Anyone? Taste it to Believe it!

Durian (Durio), the king of fruits, truly made Davao City famous. Many non-Mindanaons would find eating the flesh of this fruit a real challenge because of its unlikely “garbage-onion squashed”scent. Even the famous Andrew Zimmern find it hard to swallow this seemed to be a “rotten mushy onion” fruit.

For some, they stick to the candies and other delicacies made out of durian, with stench removed or tone down, than eating it raw. But if you are a coffee lover and happened to be in Davao, you shouldn't  miss to experience the sweetness of durian in your coffee?

Yes, whenever I visit Davao, I never failed to dine in at Blugre Coffee, a coffee shop found in Matina Town Square (MTS). Their signature durian-flavoured coffee (Gatchpuccino) was like a very smooth cappuccino with a blend of strong coffee and sweetness of a little tone down aroma of durian, making this hot beverage tastes a little exotic, something for the visitors to dare to try.

Durian coffee in Davao is way cheaper than your usual Starbucks coffee, but the quality is very competitive and your experience in their coffee shop is way better.  For me, durian coffee is best combined with their unique pastries especially cheesecakes. They also have the frappe version known as Larcepuccino.

If I will be rating this unique hot beverage from Davao City, I will give it a grade of 9/10. Challenge yourself. This is one of the things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Mindanao or at least Davao City. It is an exotic beverage and a must try! 

Blugre Coffee opened another branch in SM Lanang.

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  1. you should try as well their cakes ... yummylicious

  2. my dad always makes this at home :)

  3. really, i wonder how he made the flavor out less "strong" to make the brew ..