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How to Travel Withlocals | A Rewarding Travel Without Super Spending

Have you ever dreamt of a life where you enjoy the benefit of earning while traveling and consciously contributing to the micro-economy of your country? Well most of us would just like to enjoy a full-packed vacation away from the stressful metro and routinized daily chores, even if it would really drain most of our hard earned money in our little piggy bank. But what if your fantasy of getting to different places can actually become a reality while extending your mission that would benefit the local economy and directly promoting the local eco-tourism? Would that sound better and patriotic being an agent of change in your own country? If you wish to know more about this, read my story.

Kodanda Archery | Experiencing the Bow and Arrow as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I may have been an “Archer” as an alumnus of De La Salle University but ironically I have never been introduced to the world of archery during my entire stay in our university, tagged as the home of the “Archers”. It was until the indigenous knowledge of hunting in the great forested mountains of Mindanao with the help of our indigenous tribe brothers, the Manobos, that I got my very first grip on a bow.