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The Business Portal | Love Mindanao’s #TravelonaBudget on GNN’s Pisobilities

I’d been around in most unheard places in the Philippines particularly in Mindanao for the last two years and many are wondering how I managed to survive my what seemingly intrepid and “expensive” journeys. But many will be surprised that most of my travels are self-financed and just like any ordinary employees I kept my budget within my capacity.

Hello Talisayen, Goodbye Anawangin | Sojourn to the Secluded Beach of Pundaquit , Zambales

Welcome to my birth province, Zambales! It’s been a while since the last time I've visited my father’s homeland and it excites me to see the countryside that had been a total stranger to me since the day we transferred to the Metro.

Wildlife Massacre in Davao City

It was beyond belief that I will be encountering the trade of dried Flying Lizard openly in the busy street of Uyanguren,Davao City, knowing Davao as the city with one of the most strict implementation of policies in the Philippines.

Kalaw for Sale | The Fate of Mindanao Wrinkled Hornbill

It is a fact and most of us know that we have a dwindling natural resources as economic development pushes  year by year. Before the coming of the Spaniards, the Philippine archipelago has  90% forest cover on its 300,000 km2 of land. But now, the natural vegetation cover barely reach 10% of the total land area.