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How Much for a T'nalak? | The Treasured Fabric of the T'bolis from South Cotabato

The Philippine’s rich culture can literally be reflected on each fabric woven by hand of each local tribe. The string of each fiber used serves like the genetic  marking of their unique identity.

In the southern part of the Philippines, the Tinalak is one of the T’boli’s master crafts that is unique and incomparable amongst the fabric crafted across the country.

The Majestic Lake Sebu | Crazy Things to Do in South Cotabato

Blessed with more than a hundred sceneries, Mindanao will not bore you with beautiful tourist spots to discover. One province that is successful in the practice of eco-tourism is South Cotabato with its flagship paradise, Lake Sebu that has been a favourite travel destination in the southern part of Mindanao.

Polillo Group of Islands | Beauty and Madness , The Best and Worst of Polillo

There are 7107 islands in the Philippines that are worth discovering and even the native Filipinos are getting overwhelmed counting and visiting some portion of these mysterious islands. As of now, we are still in the journey of visiting some of these isolated places and I hope it won't take a lifetime before we finish them all. Together with a newfound friend, Red of Adobo Journey, we jumped into a 2 am trip bound for Real, Quezon to explore a new adventure at the easternmost side of Quezon Province: the Polillo Group of Islands.

Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet | Life Behind the Mountains

Looking at the bus window I was all night wondering to where I and Albert were heading next at the vast mountainous province of Benguet. All I know was that we were both much decided with itchy feet to leave the metro on the night before the rush and glam of Valentine’s Day celebration. And for doing so, you can call us as  the Grinch of Valentine’s Day as we simply wish this day of sweet romance and blossoming roses and peak of traffic jam, the sudden unavailable tables in restaurants and rooms in most hotels, disappear or at least evaporate into the mist of yesterday’s past.