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Calea | The Most Delicious (Affordable) Cake Found in Bacolod City

One of the surprising highlights of my visit to Bacolod City was sitting inside this cake haven known as Calea Cakes and Pastries. To tell you the truth it was my first time to hear about this mouth-watering shop as I did not make any research about the city. I wanted to be surprised with what Bacolod could offer and the city did not disappoint its first time visitor just like me. 

My main purpose in Bacolod was actually to experience the famous Masskara Festival which I have planned long before but fate was too cruel that I have to postpone it over and over again in the past years. That was really a bummer.

During the besperas of the Masskara Festival, I was invited by our host friends from Bacolod SkyScaperCity to wander at the street of Lacson to where I was even more awed with more than a hundred of booths and on going parties on the street. Rock on Bacolod! 

I was literally choking  with the crowd as not even a single pin would fall into the ground with this thick kind of spectators. 

Alms Alms for a Piece of ...CALEA!

To take a rest from the jam-packed street,  we walked over on a building in the 14th street of Lacson where Calea Cakes and Pastries is located. Entering the shop was like a fairy land for  cake lovers and the sweet smell alone was already inviting. And by just looking at the glass counter where various cakes were displayed, I felt the need to satisfy the instant craving for sweets during that time. But getting it by hand wasn't easy as we have to wait for a longer time for some groups to vacate a table. The queue was also long that we have to stand for few minutes ...waiting... waiting and still waiting.

I couldn't just resist not asking our companions if we’re going to order something. It was like making a wish then immediately granted by a genie in a bottle when our host Sir Fred decided to order different types of cheesecakes, at least 6 slices of each kind. This was followed by exemplary delicious coffee served artistically in clear mugs and glasses.

Damn!  I did not even bother asking for the names of the cakes served but all I can remember was it's all gastronomically satisfying. Burp!

Your visit to Bacolod City is not complete unless you got a taste of their famous Calea cakes. By the way  a slice  of their cake is far cheaper but delicious compared from the cakes sold in the highly commercialized bakeries in the Philippines. A Slice ranges from 80-100 a piece depending on the flavor and variety. Enjoy!

Address and Contacts:

Calea Cakes and Pastries 
Lourdes-C Building, 14th Street Corner Lacson Street 
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Numbers: (+63 34) 433.8664 , (+63 34) 433.3143

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