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A Letter to a Dear Sister

Today marks the 30th birthday of my beloved late sister, Laarni. Am still missing her despite the years that have passed. Her passing in 2011 was the reason I found myself lost and wandering alone in Mindanao, totally broken. Mourning her death made me wrote  some words of praise, appreciation and goodbye .

Dearest Laarni,

You and I used to be best friends
You and I used to be close
And to stay the same, I have always prayed
For a lifetime, hope we’ll never strayed.

At times when you're down you will say “I'm okay”
 With determined eyes  saying “Never give up, it will be better”
But now that you’re gone I got nowhere to run
"Coz you have left me, my champion is gone.

I can still remember the times we used to talk
We argued, we fought, but in the end forgiveness was sought
You’ve shared so much and demanded so little
I guess that’s the way of a true angel.

You’ve always shown generosity and sympathy
Keeping your family so close and in safety
Never hesitated sharing things you’ve had
Even if it was the last thing you have on your hand.

You stood firm on principles that shaped you well
And I just hope I could have them as well
Your love and kindness will never depart 
You will always be remembered deep in our hearts

You lived a life so simple and humble
Difficult times came and you stumbled
But you always get back on your feet, faithful and inspirable
And have lived a life victorious among us all

I am forever grateful for a life shared
You were my silent teacher, you taught me so well
To open my heart and to love my dear
I wanted to show you but you disappear.

Difficult trials were given to you sis
Coz He knows you can pass the test
Now that He’ve seen you exhaust your best
Sleep on now, He will take care of the rest

I only pray that He gives us enough strength
To overcome  sorrow, we hold on our faith
We will keep it tight and live your dream
Stop worrying now, we will see you again

I pray for your safe journey
I pray that you find peace
Sleep on now, sleep on now
Sweet little sister I gave you my vow.

Love you always, 
Kuya Dennis


  1. She's in a better place now.Dennis

  2. To God we belong and to God is our return. :)

  3. She is happy now with our Lord. :)