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Climbing Mt. Pinatubo | Exploration to the Philippine Top Tourist Attraction

First, let me greet you a Happy Holiday.  The year 2014 is about to end and the adrenalin rush to explore more local destinations is just overwhelming and I am taking advantage of these holiday vacations. 

I must tell you that my interest on climbing mountains have already expired as I find this hard core outdoor activity a little bit difficult because of my seasonal gout, making climbing mountains almost impossible. I can still recall my 2013 year end climb to Mt.Mingan where I had my gout attacked that made my 6-hour descend from the mountain so painful that I have wished to cut my left leg off.

Joyous Tangway | One of Balanga’s Finest Restaurants

Intrigued by the TV show Ang Pinaka (The Finest) that featured Bataan’s finest and best choices of restaurants, we went on a trip to try the top of their list, the Joyous Tangway.

5th Ibong Dayo Festival | A Well "Feathered" Festivity in Balanga City

Balanga City have just got its perfect reason to continue the advocacy on the protection and conservation of its God given natural wealth!

As the saying goes, the best time to conserve our environment was 50 years ago and the second best would be now!

Balanga, a lone city of Bataan is not wasting a single minute on being watchful of their environment. As a proof, the city took a great effort on the dissemination of information through festivities to conserve the remaining resources that is left in the city. One of these is the Ibong Dayo Festival.

Pawikan Festival is Just "Contagious"

The Rise of Green Celebration

The sun was bursting hot but the scorching heat did not stop the cheerful dancers from stumping up their feet to the amplified upbeat rhythm of the drum, shouting on top of  their lungs the protection of their precious resource, the Pawikan. 

Must Love Bataan | The Beanery

Just as coffee shops have majestically popped up like mushrooms in every city in the Philippines, there will always something that will stand exceptional from the rest. Today’s competition is high and one business must come up with one brilliant idea, top-secret recipes and unique gimmick to make people come over and over again. And the only way to make one's business on top of the chain is to fuse innovation with NEW ADDICTION.

Visiting Taal, Batangas | Exploring the Biggest Church in Asia


Basilica of St. Martin de Tours

No, it’s not inVigan, and definitely not in Intramuros nor Paris … it’s just in Taal! For hundreds of years, Taal have stood humble, silent and have had existed in modesty to echo their treasured heritage internationally.

Visiting Taal, Batangas | Exploring the Biggest Church in Asia


Basilica of St. Martin de Tours

No, it’s not inVigan, and definitely not in Intramuros nor Paris … it’s just in Taal! For hundreds of years, Taal have stood humble, silent and have had existed in modesty to echo their treasured heritage internationally.

And  for those who have already witnessed this hidden treasure will surely agree to the town's captivating charm  sitting in the heart of Batangas, waiting to be exposed to the world.

Pampanga at the Tip of My Tongue

The Culinary Capital of the Philippines is a title or should I say a brand that the Pampangeños, Ilongos, Cebuanos and Bicolanos among others would be fighting over on a no-ending debate when this topic is brought into the "table".

Life Beneath and Under | SCUBA Diving at Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort

The fear of drowning still ticks in my head whenever I will be receiving an invitation for a recreational dive. Though I am no longer new to this kind of “water sports”, still each dive always feels like as my first time. Good thing this recreational sport can fit almost everyone that even a short person like me could always fit into those wet suits and can always carry those heavy air tanks on my back.

Catch Financial Guru FRANCISCO J. COLAYCO in Davao City

According to Francisco J. Colayco, “Being wealthy is an obligation because we cannot share what we don't have.”

Best-selling author, awarded TV host, entrepreneur, venture developer, and financial adviser, Francisco Colayco has been empowering Filipinos to be wealthy through personal finance and investing education for over ten years together with Colayco Foundation.

Durian Coffee Anyone? Taste it to Believe it!

Durian (Durio), the king of fruits, truly made Davao City famous. Many non-Mindanaons would find eating the flesh of this fruit a real challenge because of its unlikely “garbage-onion squashed”scent. Even the famous Andrew Zimmern find it hard to swallow this seemed to be a “rotten mushy onion” fruit.

How to Travel Withlocals | A Rewarding Travel Without Super Spending

Have you ever dreamt of a life where you enjoy the benefit of earning while traveling and consciously contributing to the micro-economy of your country? Well most of us would just like to enjoy a full-packed vacation away from the stressful metro and routinized daily chores, even if it would really drain most of our hard earned money in our little piggy bank. But what if your fantasy of getting to different places can actually become a reality while extending your mission that would benefit the local economy and directly promoting the local eco-tourism? Would that sound better and patriotic being an agent of change in your own country? If you wish to know more about this, read my story.

Kodanda Archery | Experiencing the Bow and Arrow as Easy as 1, 2, 3

I may have been an “Archer” as an alumnus of De La Salle University but ironically I have never been introduced to the world of archery during my entire stay in our university, tagged as the home of the “Archers”. It was until the indigenous knowledge of hunting in the great forested mountains of Mindanao with the help of our indigenous tribe brothers, the Manobos, that I got my very first grip on a bow.

The Business Portal | Love Mindanao’s #TravelonaBudget on GNN’s Pisobilities

I’d been around in most unheard places in the Philippines particularly in Mindanao for the last two years and many are wondering how I managed to survive my what seemingly intrepid and “expensive” journeys. But many will be surprised that most of my travels are self-financed and just like any ordinary employees I kept my budget within my capacity.

Hello Talisayen, Goodbye Anawangin | Sojourn to the Secluded Beach of Pundaquit , Zambales

Welcome to my birth province, Zambales! It’s been a while since the last time I've visited my father’s homeland and it excites me to see the countryside that had been a total stranger to me since the day we transferred to the Metro.

Wildlife Massacre in Davao City

It was beyond belief that I will be encountering the trade of dried Flying Lizard openly in the busy street of Uyanguren,Davao City, knowing Davao as the city with one of the most strict implementation of policies in the Philippines.

Kalaw for Sale | The Fate of Mindanao Wrinkled Hornbill

It is a fact and most of us know that we have a dwindling natural resources as economic development pushes  year by year. Before the coming of the Spaniards, the Philippine archipelago has  90% forest cover on its 300,000 km2 of land. But now, the natural vegetation cover barely reach 10% of the total land area.

Asik Asik Falls Is Not For the Virgins! | A North Cotabato Adventure

More than two years ago after the discovery of Asik Asik Falls, many are wishing and praying to witness the flagship grandeur of North Cotabato, Mindanao. This 140-meter curtain spring waterfalls have been a mystery and many were wondering how to reach this great work of nature.

R.I.P to Coco Beach Resort and White Haven Beach Resort| The Most Disrespectful Resorts in Gumasa, Saranggani

Undoubtedly the southern countryside of Mindanao shelters some of the best places in the Philippines, beach destinations in particular. The beach of Gumasa and other places in the province of Sarangani is hardly seen in the limelight in showcasing their best kept secret paradise. I had once visited the unheard place in 2011 as my very first official solo backpacking trip in the Philippines. It was the first dare travel carrying only with little cash on hand and a huge baggage of faith and courage to unravel the secret of Sarangani.

Marinduque’s Moriones Festival | A Recollection of Faith

Has anyone thought of what Moriones Festival is all about? For many, this is one fancy event in Marinduque, Philippines where huge and tall male catholic devotees wear mask-like Centurions during the Roman Empire and litter the town's streets for the entertainment of tourists visiting the island.

Visiting Maniwaya Island Marinduque | Holy Week Summer Escapade Series

The Province of Marinduque is synonymous to the celebration of the Filipino Holy Week because of the Moriones Festival. But aside from this, the province shelters some islands and islets that hold some beautiful white sand beaches and Maniwaya Island is one of them.

How Much for a T'nalak? | The Treasured Fabric of the T'bolis from South Cotabato

The Philippine’s rich culture can literally be reflected on each fabric woven by hand of each local tribe. The string of each fiber used serves like the genetic  marking of their unique identity.

In the southern part of the Philippines, the Tinalak is one of the T’boli’s master crafts that is unique and incomparable amongst the fabric crafted across the country.

The Majestic Lake Sebu | Crazy Things to Do in South Cotabato

Blessed with more than a hundred sceneries, Mindanao will not bore you with beautiful tourist spots to discover. One province that is successful in the practice of eco-tourism is South Cotabato with its flagship paradise, Lake Sebu that has been a favourite travel destination in the southern part of Mindanao.

Polillo Group of Islands | Beauty and Madness , The Best and Worst of Polillo

There are 7107 islands in the Philippines that are worth discovering and even the native Filipinos are getting overwhelmed counting and visiting some portion of these mysterious islands. As of now, we are still in the journey of visiting some of these isolated places and I hope it won't take a lifetime before we finish them all. Together with a newfound friend, Red of Adobo Journey, we jumped into a 2 am trip bound for Real, Quezon to explore a new adventure at the easternmost side of Quezon Province: the Polillo Group of Islands.

Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet | Life Behind the Mountains

Looking at the bus window I was all night wondering to where I and Albert were heading next at the vast mountainous province of Benguet. All I know was that we were both much decided with itchy feet to leave the metro on the night before the rush and glam of Valentine’s Day celebration. And for doing so, you can call us as  the Grinch of Valentine’s Day as we simply wish this day of sweet romance and blossoming roses and peak of traffic jam, the sudden unavailable tables in restaurants and rooms in most hotels, disappear or at least evaporate into the mist of yesterday’s past.

Abra de Ilog Occidental Mindoro | The Raging Encounter Towards Agbalala Waterfalls (Part 2)

It was head over heels crashing the cold boring week when we traveled to  the sleepy town of Abra de Ilog, a town in Occidental Mindoro that is home to more than a dozen of waterfalls. 

Agbalala Waterfalls is the nearest attraction in town that can be reached in less than 30 minutes via combination of tricycle ride and a little trekking or walk along the beach.

Playful Hearts at The Ruins of Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Negros is not all about the sugar and chicken as the seat of the City of Smile has more to offer more than their vast lands of sugar cane and irresistible inasal.

Negros Province has one of the historical cities in the Philippines that are rich in culture and important events in particular during the early colonization of the Spaniards. One landmark in Negros known as The Ruins, seated in Talisay City, almost captures everything about the past, echoing the life before the coming of the tech generation of our time.

Noventa | Hell Road to the Red Mountains of Surigao del Norte

It was almost exactly two years ago since the first time I have revealed the disturbing image and impact of nickel mining industry in Surigao del Norte.

Coming from the cradle of town of Surigao Peninsula, Cantilan, I opted to pursue a trip to Surigao City via passing the eastern coast of Surigao del Norte, traversing the coastal peninsula with mountain soils being extracted for its laterite with huge nickel  deposit.

Calea | The Most Delicious (Affordable) Cake Found in Bacolod City

One of the surprising highlights of my visit to Bacolod City was sitting inside this cake haven known as Calea Cakes and Pastries. To tell you the truth it was my first time to hear about this mouth-watering shop as I did not make any research about the city. I wanted to be surprised with what Bacolod could offer and the city did not disappoint its first time visitor just like me. 

Abra de Ilog | A Mindoro Occidental Escapade Part 1

Whenever I travel with a group, I feel like I am little confined and contained to do the worst out of me. Maybe I am just trying to be polite not to steal someone else’s limelight during the trip. Yeah I am like that, a committed party crasher of the year!

Recently, through a friend’s invitation, I have joined the outdoor group "Bangag" for a short visit to Occidental Mindoro. It was the first time to meet some of them and some were virtually known friends.

V-Blog | Fish Cage Swimming in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

It was one groggy morning that I woke up at  C-Fish Cage and Sandbar in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur where I decided to stay for three days after I had my Bacolod-Bantayan,Cebu trip. The stilt resort that stands off coast of Brgy. Talisay, was actually a fish cage converted into a sort of cheap accommodation for visitors who wish to have an overnight stay after visiting Enchanted River.

South Cotabato’s T’nalak Festival | A Photo Essay

The T’nalak Festival defines your whole visit to South Cotabato that marked its existence as one of the major festivities to look after in the Philippines.  The week-long celebration starts in the second week of July where spectators and foreign guests can explore the rich indigenous culture and traditions of the province. You can visit various municipalities and cities that showcase their local produce and handmade indigenous crafts.

A Letter to a Dear Sister

Today marks the 30th birthday of my beloved late sister, Laarni. Am still missing her despite the years that have passed. Her passing in 2011 was the reason I found myself lost and wandering alone in Mindanao, totally broken. Mourning her death made me wrote  some words of praise, appreciation and goodbye .

The Road to Favarey, Bontoc, Mountain Province | Life on Grains

LM having a conversation with the IP carrying a 75 kilo of Fatawil

The discovery of the view of whole Maligcong Rice Terraces at Mt. Kofafey at the top of Ang Tong Faw gave us an overwhelming excitement that we've decided to go further and explore more of the vicinity of the not so famous community of Maligcong.