Find us on Google+ Love Mindanao: Mt.Ynordenan, Nueva Vizcaya: 13 Days of Summer of Love Mindanao Part 2

Mt.Ynordenan, Nueva Vizcaya: 13 Days of Summer of Love Mindanao Part 2

Day Five

Fresh from a trip in IvoryCoast , Calatagan, I was invited by the  song writer /composer Rodolfo Fernandez to visit their beloved province of Nueva Vizcaya. When I received this invitation I was a little hesitant, as I have never heard of any must visit places in the onion and  garlic granary of Luzon . Nevertheless , I am more curious on places less visited and I was breathing deeply, crossing my fingers to discover something new and interesting in the not so known place when it comes to tourism.

Before dawn, we assembled at the bus terminal of Victory Liner in Kamias, Cubao, Quezon City and took a reservation ticket for 4:30 am departure bound for Tuguegarao. At noon we alighted at Bone South, Purok 6, Municipality of Aritao in Nueva Vizcaya.

Through the Valley of Onions, Garlic and Bread?

Pagbuburas or Harvest at the field.
The blazing summer heat was so intense that literally melted the ice we have just brought from the nearby store at the highway.

We slowly strolled  the path towards the foot of Mt. Ynordenan where we planned to set  camp for the night.

Walking along the narrow unpaved road, we saw the vast field planted with onions in the valley  of Aritao  that reaches as far as our eyes can see. It was also timely that we visited the place on its harvest season and most of the farmers were all busy picking up the onions from the fields. Locally they call this  activity as " "Pagbuburas" .

The valley is divided by a long shallow river, requiring us to cross through a long hanging bridge . I was a little jumpy crossing the bridge as the wooden planks were really  old and the whole stretch of the bridge wildly bounces as one walks over the bridge.  I almost puke!

The hanging bridge to cross going to Ynordenan
Reaching the other side of the bridge, we were  at the foot of Mt. Ynordenan where a mountain resort awaits us. At Php 125 as entrance fee, we were able to set our camp at the shady part of the resort with free use of their open cottages, comfort rooms and their small swimming pool.

L-R: Lovemindanao, Cheska, Marvin and Rodolfo
Naturally set at  elevation of more than 600 meter above sea level, the wind in Mt. Ynordenan was so refreshing that  balances  the scorching  summer heat . 

After we finished setting up our tent, the next best part of the day was  preparing our lunch . Since Marvin was more knowledgeable and passionate in cooking, we just assisted him  preparing all the ingredients for our late lunch.  After our  sumptuous lunch was served, we were literally  knocked down, sleeping due to sleepless night of waiting at the bus terminal the night before.

Bagnet cooked artistically by Marvin
After taking a short nap, we allow the day cool down a little  before we pursue to go around and cover the resort. Finding a huge "kawa" or giant  "wok"  at the corner of herbal nursery , and with no one looking and minding at us , our little naughtiness was unleashed  by playing with the wok as if we were like  little children back in the old days. Each one of us jokingly hopped into the wok pretending being cooked alive! It was fun and I suggest you should try it once in your lifetime.

Cook me,EAT me!
After the fun pictorial at the giant wok . We visited one of the huge  tribal houses that was also up for rent if you wish to stay there. The rental fee is Php 1000.00 a night and can accommodate at least 10 people  on the tribal hut made out of sawali, bamboo and yantok.

Tribal house in Mt. Ynordenan

Beside the tribal hut is a pool where we decided to test the water to cool down a little.

Time flies so fast as we never realized that it was already near dusk and time again for our favorite activity of the day ,  EAT!

Marvin who came recently from Ilocos brought a kilo of Iloco favorite dish known as Bagnet, a huge chunk of pork that was deep fried . I am not good in cooking , so I just ate whatever they  prepared on the table.

Though we were only four in this jaunt, socialization with a little companionship of brandy never slipped the night that kept us warm. After  few hours, the alcohol kicked and naturally put us to snoring and dreaming in wonderland.

Day Six

A huge white cross erected at the hill side of Ynordenan
The breaking dawn was simply captivating as the golden sun shone over  the great valley of Aritao. We decided to just sip a little hot instant coffee and ascend to the peak of the  mountain. Trekking wasn't that difficult as trail was already established in the area.

Along the way we were astonished to see a giant cross erected at the middle of nowhere with a hut standing nearby that served as resting area for hikers. Inside the hut you will find a replica of the Ark of Covenant.

This gave us the idea that the owner of the place is somewhat religious. Then it made sense to me after  I realized that the word Ynordenan came from the word "ordained" referring to seminarian who were accepted to priesthood as vocation.

Straight to the Land of Golden Skyline

Standing at the foot of the  mountain, we decided to trek away from the trail and made our own path through the rocky and bushy cheek of the hill. It was not so difficult  climbing as we were supported by boulders littered on the face of the mountain.

Wild birds nesting on rockcrevices of Mt. Ynordenan
While taking a rest on the ground, we were surprised when a  wild brown beautiful bird flew out from the bushes near to us. Looking from where it came from , we saw two eggs  the bird was nesting for hatching. We did not touch it to preserve and protect the natural dwellers of Mt. Ynordenan.

After 30 minutes of climb, we reached the hilly peak of the mountain. The view from the top was spectacular with a "Naked Mountain" facing on the opposite side of the valley.

From where we were standing we can see the whole stretch of onion plantation of Aritao  that even reached the other side of the mountains  surrounding us. The scenery brings me back to my imagination of the  "Land Before Time" landscape where dinosaurs dwell abundantly in the rich valleys of the earth. The mountains were seem like  perfectly placed and with the soft beam of the morning sun hitting the top horizons , made everything glowing and golden.

Picturesque view at the top of Mt. Ynordenan
The grassland at the top of Ynordenan is also being used as grazing spot for farm animals like cattle and horses. According to Rodolfo, there  used to be horses freely wandering in the hills where you can chase and ride on them in the wild. Sadly they weren't there , maybe we were too early for them to welcome us at the top. Hmmmm.

After a few photo op, we decided to descend from the mountain by tracing back our steps. Since we did not use any trail, it took us a while to find ourselves back to our campsite.

Good thing Marvin's shoes seemed to have wings, walking faster than anyone of the team and reached the campsite way ahead of us . We were surprised he was able to prepare our lunch before we arrived at the foot of the mountain. We rested for a few minutes after our lunch , clean up and packed our things ready for our next destination. 

Before  noon, we crossed again the valley , passing  through the long hanging bridge towards the highway of Purok 6 of Bone South where a stall of pinoy favorite summer treat  Halo Halo awaited us. After getting refreshed with a sweet treat and a soda, we were on the road again to visit Cachero's Farm.


Aura's Resort Mt. Ynordenan
Bone South, 3704 Aritao Nueva Vizcaya
CP: +63917.599.6638

or contact

Rodolfo Fernandez
CP: +63922.697.4910


  1. Cool! I've never heard of this place before. It's now going to my must-go-to places...
    I remember crossing my first hanging bridge (somewhere in Benguet), my knees were shaking and I thought I could cry because it was bouncing wildly while I was crossing it, and a rapid river was right below me...

  2. the place is very much recommendable for adventurers who wish to experience something new with a little convenience provided . Easy trek and good for starters :D

  3. I have the same impression as well upon hearing the name of the place. Then we realized that it was taken from the word ordained .. tag to seminarians accepted to priesthood, maybe one of the family members of the local got ordained still need to confirm that :D

  4. never heard this mountain before..inuhaw moko sa last pic Dennis.

  5. First time to hear of this mountain also from a local of Aritao ... it looks like series of hills and mountains guarding the valley... first time as well to visit the place but it was worth telling and about the soda ... but nga hindi CHARSI lol :D

  6. Girl with the dragon tattooApril 15, 2013 at 7:19 AM

    Nice entry for viscaya.. Unsolicited advice tho, have your entries proofread, i dont want to be a grammar nazi but it kinda gives me a head ache to read it, just my two cents,

  7. thanks for the grammar concern . You are free not to read my post if it makes you sick (very concern to your health). you should have left also a link to your work so i can also criticize how good you are ... that is if you have one .. thanks again .

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