Find us on Google+ Love Mindanao: Cachero's Farm, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya: 13 Days of Summer of Love Mindanao Part 3

Cachero's Farm, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya: 13 Days of Summer of Love Mindanao Part 3

Day 6 : Extension

Our trip to Nueva Vizcaya never ended in Mt. Ynordenan after we had been invited to visit another leisure farm  not far from Bone South in  Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.  We rode on a jeepney bound for Aritao proper and rushed to the public market first to buy some supplies and food for our overnight stay in the  farm resort.

Grilled fish, perfect food in the farm
After the food chase at the market, we made a short stop at Rodolfo's uncle house and freshen up a little, but since the summer heat was killing me I took a full bath to lower down my body temperature . I couldn't be more annoying blaming the sun for the intense heat of the day.

A five minute tricycle ride took us to Brgy.Tucanon, Aritao where we decided to spend our night in a six (6) hectare farm of  Cacheros . The place is owned by the relatives of our companion, Rodolfo Fernandez.

Reaching the place , we were welcomed by his grandfather and proudly introduced us to his  relatives.

Cachero's Farm is a leisure resort  constructed on top of one of the hills of Aritao and currently on its development phase . Their location has  a perfect view of the vast green field planted with multiple crops and grains across the valley.

We Did It Our Way!

After setting up our bags and tents at  the function hall of the farm resort, we immediately prepared the fresh tilapia and hito we bought from the market for  quick grilling. While waiting for the fish turned crispy perfect, we put our golden  voices into test by singing  our heart out, hard and loud using the videoke machine standing right in the middle of the function hall.

The next  Philippine singing idol!
Right after our rice was cooked, we enjoyed our perfect lunch , along with crispy grilled tilapia,   hito and fresh salad made of sayote tops garnished with lots and lots of onions and tomatoes. That afternoon delight put us all to lazy mode  until we all fell asleep. LATE SIESTA!

After a couple of hours, the crazy and lazy afternoon made me jumped up to my feet and brought  Marvin with me to wander  around the farm. Our curiosity led us to the top of a hill in the north side of the farm,  where we discovered a spot of the perfect view of the valley.

The nth Shades of Green

The scenic view at the top of the hill astonished us upon witnessing the vast lush green fields of onion plantation in Aritao. The valley is surrounded with hills and mountains serving as guards, protecting  the crops of hard working people of Aritao.

The view at the peak of Cachero's Farm
The field is being nourished by a long narrow river cutting across the valley, quenching the thirst of the land from the intense hot weather of the day. Since there isn't much thing to do during that time, we just sit on the top of the grassy hill  and gazed  on the vast field, appreciating nature's perfection  more even.

Our afternoon delight on the hills have gone more exciting upon seeing a number of noisy  Black-naped Oriole ( Oriolus chinensis) flying from one tree to another. The   bright yellow birds were fun to watch seeing them in groups flying around the bushy environment of the hills.

Black-naped Oriole ( Oriolus chinensis)

Consistent Gatecrasher Award Goes to ?

Descending  from the hills we were surprised when children flocked and popped  inside the farm . Little did we know there was a scheduled  family reunion  organized in the place, and we were honored  to join them for snacks.

I Gatecrashed in a family reunion, again!
It was another funny moment realizing that I am getting consistent on gate crashing on some people's special  occasion, from birthday parties, fiestas, and even Muslim wedding.  Am hoping these are just coincidence and not my fate or my new  niche in the society. Hahahaha.

The afternoon snacks had its continuation during dinner  where the clan served different dishes out of goat's meat. My favorite  was the Papaitan which  I believed  a specialty in the area.

The night lasted  longer after getting acquainted with Rodolfo's cousins, nephews and....  ok with the whole clan.

It was a merry moment bumping with people whom we met for the first time and get to know them using the best medium of socialization, drinking and singing  until  early dawn. It was one hell of a family reunion in which we shouldn't be part of it in the first place. HIK! HIK! and another HIK ! That's all I got after the party! Hahaha.

Day 7

With only few hours of sleep, the glaring rays of the sun irritated my eyes waking me up against my will (?). Since weren't able to go back to sleep , Marvin and I decided to hop to the other side of the hill, discovering another beautiful angle of the mountain/hill ranges. There was a long wooden bench  on the hill top and sitting on it  would place you  in a spot with a breathe taking view of the whole area with a perfect background for picture taking and of course relaxation.

I would love to have a morning like this...on a hill top.

Cow-nt Me In 

Strolling along the hillside , we even encounter a cow freely grazing and not caring who ever passes by her. Due to fascination, our animal loving instinct unleashed from within and approached the innocent cow and got successful getting its trust. This encounter have its therapeutic effect on my being, spiritually and psychologically, testing my ablility  to connect with other living creatures on earth. It was an overwhelming happiness and I recommend for you to try and experience it too.

Be kind to animals, don't sell them for five pieces of magic beans please.
Time have fled fast that we did not notice it was already lunch time . Rodolfo's kin was so kind that they invited us for a simple lunch , sharing the tilapia fish deliciously cooked in coconut milk and pork stew along side with unlimited rice. Finishing our delicious lunch was our hint to pack up and gave our thanks to the owner of the place Ms. Riza for the hospitality extended to us .

Getting there

Cachero's Farm is a known landmark in Brgy. Tucanon, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. Coming from Manila, take a bus bound for Tuguegarao and alight at the town proper of Aritao, fare is Php 289.00. There are numerous tricycle in town that can take you to Cachero's Farm, fare is Php 50.00.

Rental and Fees:
Day Tour
Php 50.00

Php 100.00
Function Hall
Small Crowd <10 p="">
Php 50.00

Big Crowd >10
Php 100.00
Room (good for 2-3)
Short stay (3 hours)
Php 150.00

Php 350.00
Pool rentals

Php 20.00/head
One whole day
Or by song choice
Php 600.00
Php5.00 per song


Riza Cachero Larosa
Cachero's Farm
Brgy. Tucanon, Aritao Nueva Vizcaya
CP: +63932.924.2476


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