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Maxima Experience in Samal Island

Scream all you can adventure in Samal Island

The best season of the year has come and with the scorching heat intensified by the concrete jungle in the city, it's time to take a break and  visit some of your favorite summer destinations.

One of the favorite places to visit during the summer days in Mindanao is the Island Garden City of  Samal (IGACOS) or simply Samal Island, off coast from the main land province of Davao del Norte. Getting to Samal is a no brainer for commuters because of the available boats and buses bound for IGACOS .

After 10 000 years.....Arrryyyyah!

We arrived in Maxima Aqua Fun Resort with  four complimentary tickets as gift to my friend Mark that spared us from paying the entrance fee of Php 200.00 which includes the unlimited use of the glides , diving board and tables and chairs. With two extra tickets on hand , we just gave it away to other guests on queue paying for the entrance.

The resort was erected at the side of the limestone hills which made the trekking up and down to the resort a little bit challenging. Since it was nearly noon we took a quick lunch at the restaurant of the resort.

After few minutes of rest we decided to put the famous slide to the test. The slide attendant and life guard firmly required us to wear a life jacket for safety purposes . And since we wanted to have the action documented, we asked for the service of the resort attendant to take our picture for Php 60.00 using our own SD card in their DSLR camera  with free picture printing.

Taking the first slide attempt almost have shaken all my internal organs while screaming rushing down to the 40 meter giant slide and ended splashing heavily deep into the blue water of the sea. It was an adrenaline thrilling activity that  made me craving for more .Wohooooh!  

Taking our time to relax

After finishing more than a  couple of screaming and sliding and getting my body battered by the water , I decided to shift to another activity which was diving from a 20 foot diving flat form . 

It was a make or break on overcoming my fear of height and it took me at least 20 minutes just standing still  at the top of the edge of the flat form until I decided to jump with an eardrum breaking scream before I hit the almost 100 meter deep blue  water.

After getting tired of the jumping and "screaming all you can" adventures, we tested the shallow deep water of the resort where coral  reefs are inhabited by hundreds of colorful fishes and other marine organisms.

Fulfilled and satisfied with our almost unending swimming and snorkeling we returned back to our station shocked to discover my wallet on top of the table, realizing I have left it unintentionally . I was so glad and thankful  that it did not vanish from where I left it  and the resort personnel were so honest not to take any property not theirs.Thank you Lord!

We traced our way back to the highway where a bus was waiting for passengers back to Davao City with another adventure awaits  us.


Maxima Aquafun Package A P200 per head

Free use of life vest
Free use of tables and chairs
Unlimited use of giant slides and diving board

Maxima Aquafun Package B P275 per head

Free use of life vest
Free use of tables and chairs
Unlimited use of giant slides and diving board
Canopy Walk


Camping (Overnight) – P350 per head
Tent for rent (good for 3 pax) – P300 per tent
Aquafun Cottage (overnight non air-conditioned room) – P1500 good for 3 pax
Airconditioned Room – P4000 good for 4 pax (max of 6 pax)
(guests in excess of 4 pax will be charged an additional 500 per head)
Bigote Dormitory (overnight) – P500 per head (Good for 20 person)
Open Cottage (for day tour and overnight) – P1000 per cottage

Equipments Available for Rent:

Jetski – P4000 per hour / P2500 per 30 minutes
Jetski with banana boat (max of 6 pax) – P4750 per hour / P3000 per 30 minutes
Banana boat ride (max of 7 pax) – P300 per head per 15 minutes
Kayak Boat (max of 2 pax) – P400 per hour

Other Services:

Canopy and Trampoline P100 / pax
Trampoline P 50 / pax
Children Rate (2 yrs to 10 yrs old) – P150

Getting there

There are three options (All in Davao City)

  • By Boat: MV Maxima IV leaves Sta. Ana Wharf towards directly to Maxima Aquafun Resort at exactly 9:00am and departs Maxima at 4:00pm. Shuttle service schedule is evert Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only. Fare is Php150.00 per head round trip.
  • By Bus (I): Take a bus from SASA WHARF going to Peñaplata for Php30.00. Take a habal habal from the Peñaplata Public Market to Maxima Aquafun for Php 20.00.
  • By Bus (II): Alternatively there are  buses of Island City Express passing at Magsaysay Road near the Peoples Park in Davao City that will take you to Samal Island, Fare is Php40.00. Just inform the driver to drop you at Peñaplata and from there take the Habal habal to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort ,fare is Php 20.00 per head.

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