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10 Things to Do in Butuan City

Butuan City is said to be the gateway in Northern Mindanao towards the best and interesting places in Mindanao. But this urbanized city is more than just a gateway as this place has more subtle but intriguing destinations and activities to offer to its wandering visitors. Here are some of the things you can do in the historical city of Butuan:

1.Butuan’s National Museum. If you are history  and archeology savy and wish to rediscover the roots of Philippine  civilization, you may want to take a short visit to the National Museum located in  Doongan, Butuan City. The place displays some of the most important archaeological findings in Philippine History particularly the Balangay , the origin of the smallest political unit in the Philippines . The Balanghai Shrine, an extension of the National Museum shelters one of the authentic relics of balanghai , a big sailing boat used by our ancestors to navigate the vast seas for trading with other early civilizations in Asia and Polynesian Islands

2. Zip Line at Delta Eco Park. This park offers the 1.3km of zip line that would give you the ultimate adrenalin rush. This activity is not for the faint hearted as this could give you a heart attack.

3. Bood Promontory. This marker is a controversial site as it was being claimed by the Butuanons that the First Easter Christian Mass was held in Masao , Butuan over the law declared Island of Limasawa,  which according to historians the birth of Philippine Christianity.

4. Balanghai Boat Building Site. Though this site is privately own, it is encouraged among visitors to witness the replica of the Balanghai constructed and was set to navigate the seas of Asia and to rekindle the actual navigation and trading  of our ancestors had done before.

5. Cruising the Agusan River. It is another wild experience for someone to traverse one of the longest rivers in the Philippines, Agusan River which is the habitat of some of the biggest Philippine Salt Water Crocodile like “Lolong”, the current largest reptile in captivity in the word. It is recommended to take a cruise in the late afternoon to witness the beautiful crimson sunset viewed from the river.

6. Magallanes. It is not known to many that Magellan did anchor to Agusan del Norte together  with the conduct of the claimed First Christian Mass held in Mazzua. The marker is now situated in the coastal area of Magallanes, one of the oldest communities in Northern Mindanao.It is also the site where you can find the oldest Bitaug tree in the country , the mute witness to all the events prior to the coming of the Spaniards in Northern Mindanao. 

7. Church Hopping. Everyone who comes to  Butuan must take time to visit the Ruins ofBanza. It is a must to step into this place to see the last pillar of the once most beautiful church in entire Mindanao. The church was burned and destroyed by the Moro pirates in 17th century leaving remnants now hidden under the Banyan Tree along the river in Lilo, Banza, Butuan City. Another historical land mark in the city is the St. Joseph Cathedral is one of the witnesses to important historical events and development of the city. The new Sto. Nino church is another attraction and a favorite among the Christian patrons.

8. Food Tripping. You’d never been to Butuan City if you haven’t try the food of Aling Cora, one of the institution in food business in the area. There is also the barbeque central located near the city plaza if you wish to have a taste of affordable barbeque. It is also a must to have a taste of the authentic delicacy known as Palagsing similar to a rice cake , only this is made out of sago. Don’t miss also the indigenous food Abatud, a yellow larval insect that served with vinegar to satisfy your exotic taste. Delicious pizza can be tasted in Big Flat Bread in Libertad near Butuan Doctors.

9. Shopping for souvenirs. Some authentic Caraga products can be found in Pasalubong Center along J.C Aquino beside the BDO.

10.Spa and Massage. There are several health wellness centers in the area that offer full relaxation after a tiring tour in the city and one of which is the  Grand Royal Spa located across Gaisano Mall.



  1. I always thought that CDO is the gateway to northern Mindanao..
    There can be many gateways instead of one.

    Seems like I need to visit Mindanao more often perhaps. :)

  2. yes ... visit us here, there are more to discover and explore in this side of Mindanao ... :)

  3. My mom's hometown is Agusan del Sur and been to Butuan in several occasions. Too bad, I haven't checked out its museums. They do seem interesting. This post inspires me to head to Butuan this upcoming sem.break ^_^

  4. yes, you really should. Mindanao is a paradise. and that includes Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Zamboanga etc...

  5. Tonie Jade M. MendezMarch 19, 2016 at 9:41 PM

    How I wish I could visit the museum when I go and visit Butuan for some occasions. I don't just have enough money to go there that only I could afford some important matters when I usually visit Butuan.

  6. You really don't need to shell out a big amount of money to visit the museum. It's a public museum and since you are a student, expect to have a discount, just bring your ID with you. Take note that the museum is closed every Monday. Thank you for dropping by @To@Tonie Jade M. Mendez

  7. Tonie Jade M. MendezMarch 20, 2016 at 11:07 AM

    Thank you for that info, sir. I may try to find time of it.

  8. no pic on the ruins eh?

  9. Hi! Do you have any idea how much would I need to do all of these things? Also, are all these activities possible in one day? Thanks a lot!

  10. Are there entrance fees for the museums/parks? Thanks!

  11. Hi Jo, the last time I checked, entrance to National Museums are now free... if there is it would be a form of donation or at least very minimal

  12. it really depends on how you opt to spend the day... but if you choose to do the zipline, it will take you at least half of your day... i suggest spend two or 3 days in the area...

  13. hi there, if you are referring to the ruins of Banza, it is already burned long before and the remains are found underground beside the river. the remaining tower (entrance) is covered by the tree (banyan tree)

  14. Rachelle Mae GollayanOctober 19, 2017 at 5:24 PM

    Hi Sir Im rachelle gollayan from GMA Newstv. Sir Pano ko po kaya kayo macocontact Just to ask some questions regarding butuan? Salamat :")

  15. Hi Rachelle, if you would only browse the upper portion of this blog (pages), you will notice the word CONTACT US...Thanks.

  16. no another pic of these ? i need it to my project:/