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Butuan City | Cheap and Affordable Hotels, Inns, Places to Stay

Where Do I Usually Spend the Night in Butuan?

In my travel, I usually bumped with unexpected delays and changes of trip schedules and usually ended up in looking for places to spend the night.

Butuan City is my most visited city in Mindanao as this place serves as a gateway to my destinations in Northern Mindanao and to Visayas and Luzon.

Here are the list of some of the hotels and inns I have tried in the Timber City: (Prices are based on personal and actual availed value  during check in 2011-2012)

A. Prince Hotel
  • South Montilla Blvd., Butuan City, Philippines: Tel: (085) 342-7267/6610
  • Cheapest deal I got : Php 798.00/night, single bed, airconditioned room, with own CR, Wi-Fi available.

B. Dooties Hotel and Convention

  • J.C. Aquino Avenue, Butuan City, Philippines: Tel: (085) 341-4579/4580
  • Cheapest deal I got: Php 1200.00 with breakfast, free use of pool, with cable TV, Wi-Fi available at the lobby.

C. Red Palm Suites and Restaurant

  • Villa Kananga Road, Butuan City, Philippines: Tel:(085)225-9265; 342-4242
  • Cheapest deal I got:Php 850.00 Standard singe; Php 1250.00 ,standard twin bed, air conditioned room,  with cable TV,Wi-Fi available,breakfast not included.

D. Julian's Inn

  • Nangka Road,Butuan City, Philippines: Tel:(085)341-3075; 225-7075
  • Cheapest deal I got: Php 280.00, non-airconditioned room, Php 390.00 air-conditioned room, common CR, with cable TV, (Wi-Fi available, sometimes signal intermittent inside the room).

E. Wayfarers

  • T. Calo Extension, Butuan City, Philippines: Tel: (085)342-8827 to 28
  • Cheapest deal I got: Php 300.00 dorm  type room (max of four pax), common CR;  Php 560.00 single de luxe i-Fi available at the lobby.

Other Hotels and Inns:

Balanghai Hotel and convention Center
Tel: 085 342-3064-66

Embassy Hotel and Restaurant
Tel: 085 342-5883/2259560

Hotel Karaga
Tel: 085 342-8387/815-6105


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