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Mindanao Meets Vigan:Hidden Garden of Ilocos Sur

Have I mentioned before that I am an avid fan of plants particularly endemic and exotic or anything that is extraordinary? This would sum up to my interest  on  gardens that cater beautiful plants of different kinds.

During my visit to Vigan , Ilocos Sur, during my free vacation from work, I bumped to a place  that  would suffice my longing to see a beautiful garden with vast collection of my favorite species and varieties of  Aroids.

Meeting Engr. Francis Flores                                                                          Uvaria rufa
I stumbled in Hidden Garden located in Barangay Bulala, Vigan City when I noticed dozens of little children entering a small patio and followed them. The place came to me in a surprising way and realized that the place is a spot for educational excursion among the nearby schools in the region.

var. dieffenbachia daguensis                                    Anthurium superbum                            Anthurium section Pachyneurium
I have visited a few gardens in the Philippines but this particular place simply amused me because of quite number of unique plants the owner is specializing at. I am not a taxonomist but I can recognize the giant and exotic aroids displayed in his beautiful garden.

               Alocasia                                                             Caladium                                               Syngonium podophyllum cultivar
Amazed with gorgeous plants displayed in the garden I asked the personnel about the place but instead she directed me to their boss/ owner Engr. Francis A. Flores a known and famous Landscape Artist in the region. I was awed that Mr. Flores even accompanied me throughout my tour inside his haven. He showed me some of his favorite collections, from some unknown species, hybrid, and to the most exotic plant he had from other countries. It was heaven scouting around with Engr. Flores as I really felt an amateur when it comes to plant identification.

I tried to get some photos of his plants but my camera did not cooperate that so I ended up using the alternative cam of my cellphone (really bad timing).

The tour lasted for an hour hitting the high noon and my stomach started to growl. Good thing there is a café in the middle of the garden, “Lilong and Lilang” which means grandfather and grandmother in the local dialect. Together with my newly found friends in Ilocos, we sat in the café and munched on their house specialties, pinaputok na tilapia and for dessert we enjoyed the much praised special “halo halo.” I was impressed with the service of the personnel, very courteous and pleasant.

What made me even awed with the garden is with the environment friendly powder rooms they have. Using their comfort feels like you are in union with nature.

I appreciate meeting Engr. Flores and I was surprised that he even gave us some token, clay pots from the side store of souvenirs.

The place is much recommended for students’ excursion for much appreciation and love of nature and diversity of plants in our environment

Francis A. Flores
Landscape Artist
Brgy. Bulala, Centro, Vigan City
Tel: (077) 722-1450
Cel Nos.: 0917-992-2827/0921-664-0737

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  1. wow pa picture pud diay ka ni sir francis, When Ive been there also, nagpapic din ako hahahha at nilibre nya kami ng halo2 at empanada. hahahahha