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Photo Walk: Shadows of the Past, Fort Santiago, Intramuros

We Filipinos should all pay respect to the past as nothing would be what we have right  now if  not for our ancestors' valiant hearts and remarkable feats embedded in  the history of the Philippines, molding and securing  the  future of the the present generation.

The Philippines is rich with significant events in different places and are worth telling to the heirs of this promised land . Intramuros in particular also known as  the Walled City of the East , is a repository of rich culture and a melting pot of traditions between the Filipinos and the Spaniards.

This place was once a home to me when I had a short stint working for the Pasig Dredging Project located near the Baseco Compound. And of course I made a little knowledge sharing with the curious students of the Lyceum of the Philippines –University located inside the wall of the old city that lasted for  a year.

Exploring Intramuros never crossed my mind during my stay in the Old  Manila as it looks like any ordinary old facade displayed  publicly.I started missing Intramuros when I returned to Mindanao .When I saw some of my friends' dramatic and great photos inside the Old Manila, the urge to revisit Intramuros grew and itching to book my vacation the soonest possible time. In never knew I missed that chance to learn more about the Philippine history right in front of my face.

Taking my vacation in Luzon, I did not let the day pass by not to have a short reunion with the place I once ignored.I really looked like a tourist hungry for some interesting place that seemed I have never seen before.

Together with my friends, Kurt and Marvin, we wandered and savored the air of the once great fort city of the Southeast Asia. 

We entered the famous Fort Santiago with a  fee of Php 75.00 each. It has been years since the last time I stepped in the last detention facility of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The last time was taking my grandparents a quick tour to have glimpse of the place they have only heard from the province.

The first structure that caught my eyes are the statues sitting on the benches . They resembles the illustrados of the old times that lived inside Intramuros.

It was almost surreal seeing the costumed personnel of Intramuros . But for this one , I somehow burst to laughter when I saw him taking a call in his cellular phone. When he noticed I was taking pictures , the supposed Padre Damaso, immediately hid the cellular phone. Caught in the act?

Fort Santiago offers a kalesa or a horse powered chariot for its visitors. This particular kalesa  will give you a tour around the Intramuros for a minimal  fee ,Php 50 /pax  and Php 1000 for the whole Intramuros trip. The chauffeur will also act as your all in one tour guide. They are well trained tourist guides to entertain  the visitors especially the foreigners who are eager to learn about the historical land.

Upon entering the magnificent Gate of Fort Santiago, we noticed the metallic facsimile of Rizal's footprints  embedded on the ground to display his last act of  march towards Bagumbayan or Luneta on the day of his execution.

We reached the Media Naranja, facing the historical Pasig River. I could only imagine how beautiful the sceneryin the old days as the river is located in a strategic position where the most beautiful sunsets can be seen in the city with the Binondo skyline fronting us. We could also see the structures that bank along the river that somehow degraded the natural beauty of the Pasig River.

Near the Naranja are dungeons and arches for artilleries built for defense .

The Rizal Museum is just adjacent to Media Naranja . We were able to witness some of the memorabilia of Jose Rizal, from books, clothes and even the lamp he used to hid the poem " Huling Paalam".

After we had enough of Rizal Museum , we head back to the plaza encountering this old trambia that once roamed the city of Manila.

Getting there: 

Intramuros can't be missed by everyone visiting Manila. You can reach the Walled City at any point of Manila via taxi. Or if your are commuting, just take any public utility jeep that will pass by Manila City Hall . Right in front of the city hall is an underpass leading to the other side going to Pamantasan ng Maynila which is inside Intramuros. There are green colored pedicab that charged Php 20.00 to transport you to Fort Santiago.


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  3. i like the sepia mode as it looks like we were back in time ...:)

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  5. totoo naman Gino, its boring kapag walang activities . at the peak of WOW Phils. napakasaya sa intramuros at binalik balikan ko yan , tpos tinanggal .. ayun balik sa pagiging boring unless , classic history fanatic ka ...