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One Fruitful Day in Bunga Waterfalls, San Pablo City

Part 2 of Laguna Trip with Team BANGAG.

After the head breaking, all night drinking session at Lake Yambo, we woke up with a little hangover that retarded our target itinerary. We had a little breakfast from the left over and some cooked okra and corned beef. We immediately clean the vicinity and segregated our garbage for proper disposal and packed our things back to our bags.

Before leaving we met the care taker of the compound and gave him some little cash for allowing us to stay at the cottage. In return, the caretaker allowed us to pick ripe rambutan fruits which were seasoned during that time in Laguna. There were dozens of rambutan trees and we can’t seemed help to choose which tree to pick on.

Fresh rambutan
Marvin climbed one tree and eagerly picked a lot of rambutan to the point we can no longer accommodate them in our bag, so to provide solution, we ate most of them instantly! Problem Solved! There were also lanzones in the area but we spared them for full ripening.

The path to Bunga Waterfalls

It was  prayer answered that  the tricycle driver that Strong contracted before coming to Lake Yambo returned to pick us up. If not, we would be forced to walk some 5-7 kilometers going to the falls. We asked the driver to take us to Barangay Bunga  where the waterfalls of Bunga await us . The target location was is a little bit “near” (provincial word- 'malapit lang')  from Lake Yambo, about 20-30 minutes tricycle ride.

We endured a rough ride of a dusty and bumpy road leading to the waterfalls. At the parking area, we saw a lot of motorcycles parked on one side of the supposed receiving area for visitors. We were met by the two child of the caretaker and paid a minimum fee of Php 5.00 each as usage fee.

The Lawin snapped the cottages (argg!)

During that time, Typhoon Lawin just weakened and left the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Upon seeing the surroundings, we witnessed the damages  brought by the typhoon to the area. Most of the cottages were destroyed. Shattered nipa and shafts of bamboo where scattered and trapped on the rocky sides of the river. Since the remaining cottages were occupied by the early visitors, we have no option but to settle in a rocky portion of the river and had our things placed over the grassy part.

Another master piece of Chief Marvin, Pork Steak with blanched Lady Finger and Fried Eggplant

What would be life without Chief Marvin?

With our stomachs grumbling (again), Marvin  led the way to complete the set in preparing our lunch. This time, pork steak with fried eggplant and salads were served and enjoyed by everyone. Of course a bottle of Emperador with matching soda won’t be missed and  just fitting to cut the chill brought about by the river.  

Chill killer
We  simply enjoyed each other’s company while dipping into the cold water of the river. We goofed and played around like small children back in days (except Kurt-he’s already a giant even before-peace men) with no split of seconds wasted for a pleasurable day on this simple retreat.

We walked towards the waterfalls to have a close view and checked its cascading power. Damn! The twin falls look stunning up close and personal with its white waters rushing down to a big deep pool. Some visitors even climb to the peak of the falls to have a share of adrenalin rush by jumping down to a 20 foot drop. 

And where is the chicken?

There was an itchy feeling in my heart to try jumping but the moment I was to utter my wish, I chickened out after seeing one did a stunt resulting to a giant splash! Whoaaaa! I have jumped before to a number of waterfalls but not as high as this one. Okay, I will just reserve my courage next time I drop by. Hahahaha. So we just settled dipping and swimming into the blue water pool of the waterfalls instead.

After we got tired, we returned to our classy rocky station and took a deep nap. I guess everyone had too much of last night’s activities with hangover still lingering in our head.

Vegel, Marvin, Kurt and Strong (Emil)
Before leaving, we packed all our garbage for proper disposal. We asked our tricycle driver to drop us back to  Nagcarlan Poblacion where a jeepney awaits for passengers bound for San Pablo City. We paid him Php 300.00  with free meal for the entire trip from Lake Yambo to Bunga Falls to Nagcarlan Proper .

And it's Over!

The two day retreat with Marvin, Kurt, Vejel and Strong (Emil) rekindled my active days in extreme outdoor activities which I haven’t done for some time. It was an activity that refreshed my mind and kept me away from thinking my worries in life. I sensed that getting connected with like-minded people would really make someone productive and would lift your spirit high becoming a responsive individual.

Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are -anonymous

In my travel, I always believe that the road I have taken is lifeless without the bliss brought by the people who joined my path to a meaningful journey .So lesson learned- ALWAYS STAY CONNECTED!
(photo credits : Vejel, Kurt, Marvin and Strong)


  1. wow! really nice falls! and yummy foods also! craving for some corned tuloy since you mentioned it on your post haha but anyway. I love everything! is san pablo city in san pablo laguna? haha sorry I forgot the places where I live so im lucky if its there also! xx

  2. What a great adventure, the falls is quite awesome and your food is superb!

  3. yes Mary Jane Bunga Falls is in San Pablo Laguna, I was so lucky to bump here in one of my vacations in Luzon .. lovely place :)

  4. Bunga Falls looks very scenic like Lake Yambo in your previous post. The food looks really good.

  5. Malapit lang ito saplace where I regilarly stay. Ayos ang experience nyo bro. Sarap ng mga pagkain at I beleive napakalamig din ng tubig dyan kagaya ng sa Liliw..

  6. I wish all travelers are like you who are responsible enough by not leaving their garbage just scattered there around. I'm a lover of nature that's why I despise those people who just leave their disposals that could pollute the environment. I hope Bunga Falls will be kept in its good condition as I am seeing in the nice pictures you've posted, free from any litters.

  7. That waterfall is really beautiful sakto for happy hour. For sure, you all four had a great time!

  8. You guys looked like you had lots of fun! My dudes aren't the outdoor types so our "boys night outs" are usually bromance dates over dinner and beer :P

  9. The photos are stunning and each can already tells a lot of nice stories from your trip.

  10. mukhang nag enjoy kayo ah. tsaka masarp yung steak at yung fresh rambutan.

  11. Your closeness are so inspiring. More travels and kudos to all of you guys!

  12. i know it's not my business but you made me curious about the "bromance" dates you are intriguing..

  13. we all have to or else nothing will be left for the next generation .. we need to show some good example to others...

  14. Team Bangag talaga? Haha. Hay naku Love, nakakainggit mga adventures mo! You and your friends look like you had so much fun!

  15. Awesome trip to Bunga Falls! Kudos to Team Bangag! Hope you can visit us also here in South Cotabato.. :)

  16. ralph marcuss ManarangDecember 23, 2012 at 1:30 AM

    Sarap nung steak ah. nakakagutpm.. nawala ang tingin ko sa falls.

  17. astig nung falls.. plus the pork steak is just so mouthwatering!!

  18. Wow that watefalls is so great! I never seen even one in reality like that. And the food looks delicious.

  19. Oh wow. Such an adventure you and your friends had in Bunga Falls. Haven't heard about Typhoon Lawin. Hmmm. Might read more about that later.

    I so miss rambutan! One of my favorite fruits in the world. Yum!

    Really delish looking steak. I want a bit, too.

    This post makes me miss my friends. Haven't seen them since 2010. Happy holidays!

  20. You're so fortunate that Mindanao has a lot of waterfalls to go to including Bunga Falls. I'm sure tanggal amats nio dyan once tumapat kayo sa falls after ng isang inuman session. ^_^

  21. Its really a great feeling to read and know more about places like San Pablo. I havent been there and I have very little knowledge about the place. I wish the local government will be able to preserve San Pablo's natural beauty.