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Samal Island: Hagimit Falls

Hagimit is a small waterfall two kilometers from Penaplata proper, inner land of  Samal Island. Coming from Davao City together with friends I just met, Rommel, Dado and Cosme, we hit a ride going to the port terminal bound for IGACOS or Island Garden City of Samal.

It was so easy to spot the area as a huge billboards display along the highway pointing to the right direction.  Upon reaching the gate of the resort, we paid Php40.00 each for the entrance fee. The table and chair was Php300.00.

The beautiful multiple drops of Hagimit in Samal Island

There were a lot of visitors that weekend that almost all cottages were filled with occupants. So we set ourselves at the hilly part of the falls overlooking the natural pools.

Frustrated poses hoping to be discovered as an undergarment endorser .
This small wonder is somewhat similar to Cambugahay Falls of Siquijor, only a little bigger in terms of pool diameter. The water was cool, clean and refreshing suited to tone down the heat of a hot summer days in the southern Island of the Philippines.

To occupy our time we bought a few bottles of “animal” beer (redhorse) sold in the stores inside the resort and enjoyed our stay chatting and sharing our ideas on our travels and escapades in the south. After few minutes we decided to jump to the cool water and work on our imagination for some poses in front of the camera.

Though Hagimit has short drops, the cascading water on the pool is enough to be enjoyed by the whole family especially small children. After a satisfying dip into the water we head back to Rommel's car and directed ourselves to Kaputian Beach which was nearby the area as well.

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