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Butuan Spa: 50% Massage Experience at Grand Royal Spa

Traveling is always accompanied with aching back and almost paralyzed feet due to excessive wandering. My latest jaunt to Cotabato City really hit me hard traveling by bus for almost 24 hours coming from the east of Mindanao, Surigao del Sur via Davao City, then directed my path to Pagadian, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro loop.

Taking a break in Butuan City reminded me of the 50% off promo of Grand Royal Spa that has been running for almost a week. I never had a reservation so I tried my luck as a walk in client. Lucky of me I was entertained by the owner, Mark, as he gave me a spot for a 12mn appointment. Not bad as it was almost 11pm and timing that I have to leave Butuan by 2am for my Surigao City adventure with Jeffrey of Traveling Morion.

I had my previous experience in this spa before, giving a try on their relaxing stone massage. Exploring on other options, I chose the thermal body massage with foot massage for only Php 420. Secured with my appointment, I waited for only few minutes, sipping on a hot sweet ginger tea and checking my over flowing unchecked FB messages and notifications through their free Wi-Fi connection.

soft lit room creating a relaxing ambience in the spa
After a few minutes of waiting,spa session time! Due to room availability, I had my foot massage session first on a separate room intended only for foot services. Damn, it has been a while since my feet felt this very relaxing experience. I ask my attendant to hit harder on my pressure points to achieve the ultimate release of blood circulation to my lower limbs.

On next part of the session I was introduced to another masseur, Brandon, for my awaited thermal massage. I never had this, and it  was a revealing experience.

Lying on their clean spacious dim yet relaxing ambient room, my attendant placed somewhat a heated bag on my back and on the soles of my feet. Then the attendant slowly pressed harder on the heated bag towards my back. It felt good. I wonder where this spa innovation has been when I needed it the most during my back cracking job in the metro. After few minutes of the thermal session, the attendant shifted to the oil based massage. Hitting my aching pressure points, and stuttering and almost blocked blood pathways, I felt relieved from my previous unending butt eating bus rides and wanderings in the island of Mindanao.

My experience in Grand Royal Spa Butuan was genuinely refreshing and physically rejuvenating. I could only wish to take refuge in this spa and have my stressed relieved activities every week.

The Grand Royal Spa is located at the 2nd Floor PS Arcade,JP Rosales Ave. , Butuan City (at the back of Development Bank of the Philippines DBP across Gaisano Mall). For reservation you may call : (086) 342 0000 /(+63)932.879.9997


  1. parang gusto ko din ma experience to:)

  2. Hot stone massage? The way you narrate your SPA massage experience reflects so deeply into my imagination as if I was the one who has been massage for I feel the relief of day's stressful work.

  3. I never try having spa though there is one in the hotel we stay when my daughter and I had a vacation in CDO :-) I never thought of having one and I guess coz I am too cheap :-) I am glad that you had a wonderful relaxation with the spa :-)

  4. With your travel-centric ways, you really deserve to have a massage. I've also tried a hot stone massage and its really relaxing and eases the cold in the back.

  5. Maria Gemma Defeo-HilotinNovember 12, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    That is something I've been dreaming of having! It's just soooo expensive here!!!

  6. That must have been such a relaxing and invigorating experience, I wouldn't say no to such an experience.

  7. It's a good thing that everyone can have a relaxing massage now because of promos and discounts that these Spa's have to offer.

  8. Discount of 50%... not bad! It's an experience to pamper ones mind and body. Spas are all over so to gain more clients, they offer great deals.

  9. love a nice massage after a week long of hardwork... it's a healthy habit. Yahweh bless.

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  11. I love mindanao because its my home