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Butuan’s Delta Discovery Park

If you are a typical thrill seeker , a visit to Delta Discovery Park’s 1.3 Km zip line will indeed suffice your thirst for adrenaline rush and adventure.

It was a referral coming from a friend that I should try and feature  the said park as it will take its visitors to another level of Zip line activity. I have tried many zip lines before but not with a distance of 1.3 km.

Taking a Buggy Ride to get around the park

Prior to my visit to the park, I made an arrangement a day before with their coordinator and was picked up by Ms. Lilian at 8:00am through a red customized jeep intended for their visitors. 

The reception area was a little bit far from what I have expected and probably about 3-5 km away from the highway. I was greeted by the staff and offered me a tour around the vicinity. I was only interested on the zip line as this is something new that I have never tried before.

View at the peak of the hill  with Mt. Mayapay at the end
Taking a buggy ride, we rushed to the peak of the hills where the contraption is located. The road was generally rough and unpaved. According to our driver Kuya Lolong, the bumpy road is part of the adventure they offer in the park and the management intends to keep it that way to experience the ultimate outdoor rush.

After a few minutes we reached the top of the hill. The view at the top is spectacular as you have a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire Butuan City . 

Not far from where I was standing I could already see the peak of Mt. Mayapay, one of the iconic features of Butuan that somehow resembles to the shape of Ayers Rock of Australia.

There were two ziplines being offered in the park, one is the 400 meter back and forth  and the second one is the ultimate 1.3km zip line. As I intended to conquer the best the park offers, I chose the second option.

Getting prep for the ultimate zip line experience
Wearing a helmet, I was literally hanged on a suit type carrying gear that was tightly attached to the thick cables of the tower. The suit is equipped with a parachute at the end to lessen the speed of the passenger while gliding through the cable. I prayed first before I asked the facilitator to push and let go of me towards the open space. 

Nerve cracking path on the way to the other end of cable
It was like hush of the wind that I was actually gliding heavily towards the other end. The view was magnificent seeing all the peak of tall trees growing abundantly and the overall beautiful landscape of the park. I took the opportunity to take pictures with my camera securely attached to one of the cables. 

As my elevation get a little bit lower,  I almost scream as I thought I was going to crash on the ground on a very narrow passage that was intentionally designed for added blood rush on the veins of thrill seekers. 

I was breathing deeply as I felt the ultimate nervousness I‘ve ever experienced. But as I passed through it , what was left was the feeling of wanting more.

I reached the other end of the tower in less than 2 minutes but it was the most horrifying yet fun 2 minutes of my life. I was speechless at the end as I felt I have had conquered my fear of height and cables. It was a celebration on my end as it was another successful activity I achieved.

After the zip line , we rode down to the hills to check their natural spring pools. The place is so tranquil where all you can hear was silence. The pool on the ground was a little eutrophic during my visit, due to the extensive light exposures. This only proves that the water has no added chemicals like chlorine. The cool water coming from a bamboo poles attached to the spring fills the pool naturally. If I had only brought extra clothes I could have gone swimming to ease the heat of the scorching sun in the city.    

Pool filled by spring water

There were a number of cottages around the pool for a minimal fee in case you wish to stay in the area for a picnic. After a few pictures taken, we rode back to the reception area and refreshed with a cool bottled mineral water.
Cottages for rent 

As I ended my tour, I gave my thanks to the staff for a wonderful treat I had in the park.

Delta Discovery Park Fees

Taking an ATV Ride to go around the Park

Php 20.00/head
Zip Line

             1.3 Km
Php 650.00/head
             400 meters back and forth
Php 350.00/head
Swimming Pool
Php 100.00/head
ATV Ride
Php 500.00/head
Buggy Ride
Php 700.00/head
Horse Back Riding
Php 250.00/hr/head
Php 100.00/15 mins./head


Zip Line (400mtrs) + Swimming Pool
Php 400/head
Zip Line (400mtrs)+  Swimming Pool + ATV Ride
Php 900/head
Zip Line (400mtrs)+  Swimming Pool + Buggy Ride
Php 1080.00/head


Type of private accommodation in Delta Discovery Park

Cottages @ Pool Side
Php 500.00
Php 350.00
Private Cottages
Php 1500.00 (good for 2/free breakfast &swimming)
Php 150.00- for additional bed/person
Dormitory (Airconditioned Rooms)
Php 450.00/person
Minimum of 5 person
Free Breakfast
Free Swimming Pool Entrance
Free Entrance Fee
Seminar House
Php 5000.00 (8:00 AM- 5:00 PM)
Tables and chairs included
Sound System

Customized jeepney ride for the Delta Discovery Park Visitors

Php 50.00/head
From sports complex (back and fort)
(minimum of 10 person)
Php 30.00/head
From Sun Rise School (back and fort)
(minimum of 5 person)

Getting there:

Delta Discovery Park is an 80 hectare park located in Purok 7, Brgy. Bonbon, Butuan City. Coming from Bancasi Airport, take a multi cab bound for “Cuidad”. Tell the driver to drop you at the crossing going to Brgy. Bonbon or at the sports complex. 

The main landmark is the Kapihan sa Butuan and the Butuan tourist Assistance Area. If you are more than 5 or 10, you can make a call and ask the staff to pick you up at the crossing for a minimum fee. But if you happened to be less than 4, you can take the single motorbike/ tricycle for Php100.00 back and forth.

 Contact Details:
  •        (+63)85 345 8891
  •        (+63)85 816 1875
  •        (+63).939 .920.1401


  1. I already visited this place along with my friends and we really enjoyed the 1.3km zipline. By the way, during our zipline we asked the staff to get rid of the parachute like thing that was being placed inorder to reduce the speed during the course and guess what, we just finished the 1.3km line in just a minute. hahaha pure adrenaline rush indeed!

  2. I commend you for braving the speed ! i can never do the same hahaha ..galing nio ...baka malaglag ung baga ko kung ginawa ko yun . lol

  3. try mo next time na wala yung parachute. sobrang tulin ng takbo nyo po at im sure you hold on your grip ng sobra kasi feeling mo na babangga sa lupa. i mean yung part ng bundok na hinati nila para dun ka dadaan during sa zipline. hahaha

  4. interesting...