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BUDA, Baguio of the South | Seagull Mountain Getaway

It was an unexpected getaway bumping with a friend in Davao City just after I ended  my adventurous trip in Zamboanga  . Mark tagged me  for a quick visit to Seagull Mountain located at the boundary of Bukidnon and Davao. Since I've never been to that place, I decided to have a little wash up at the comfort room inside Davao's airport just minutes after we have landed and put on again my backpack ready for another extra mileage of journey.

With a little  energy still kicking inside my body, I found myself riding on a bus situated at Davao City's Ecoland Integrated Terminal  bound for Cagayan de Oro. Since it was my first time to visit the place I enthusiastically watched the scenery by the window and I was simply amazed with the lush greens littered across the face o the mountains. All I can see were unimaginable landscapes  that was seemed exquisitely painted by a great artist on a master's canvas.

Beautiful ornamental plants were also numerously displayed  along the road of Bu-Da or Davao Bukidnon road, ready to be sold to hardcore garden enthusiasts passing through the boundary. (ears clapping)

With the combination of  relaxing great scenery and the lullaby like humming wind coming from the hills, I fell on a very deep sleep until Mark woke me up after the two long hour bus ride, to the  Seagull Mountain Resort in Bu-Da. 

Alighting from the bus, I felt the chilling breeze of the place, embracing myself and covering all of my skin that were exposed from my sleeveless jersey and skimpy shorts I have regretfully worn  that day. I have never thought that the climate in Bu-Da was below the normal Philippine tropical  climate and  was somehow similar to or even colder than Baguio City during summer days.

Going back to our journey, we wandered around the Seagull Mountain Resort and  we're  awed with its grandeur location. Without any bicycle or means of public transportation inside, we endured the 20 minute walk towards the viewing deck located at the top of the hill. Strolling on its semi-bricked pavement, I was impressed with the orderliness and cleanliness of the park, adhering religiously to the implementation of R.A. 9003 or the National Ecological Solid Waste Management Act  of the Philippines.

Before reaching the top of the hill, my heart have beaten faster after seeing the post on a particular point in the resort putting my smiles up to my ears after learning that I was in fact standing in two places at the same time. That moment made me crossed an item in my long long long bucket list. That's one down, thousands to go!

It was a fulfilling day after reaching the top and discover  the grandiose mountainous sides of Bukidnon. It was like seeing the hills of Scotland or some grazing lands of Switzerland just like what had been portrayed in the movie The Sound of Music.

On the top of the hill there was a crucifix in the center stage that was placed intended for the Christian devotee. I was told that the place was a favorite family destination during holy week. I prayed a little asking for forgiveness and for more strength and energy to fulfill my obligations in life. After we had enough of the view we traced our way back to the gate and asked the friendly personnel of the park for the location of the mysterious waterfalls.

The Bu-Da Waterfalls

The resort offers to their guests their ever famous waterfalls located hidden in the southern part of the park. To get to the waterfalls, the park provided a tram to bring their guests to the site of their swimming pool where you can also find the ice-cold waterfalls. They require at least five passengers  to hop on to the tram to maximize the use of fuel or else you will just have to wait for more guests to arrive and share the free ride. But since there were only two of us and can’t wait for the next visitors to come, we trekked the “short” cut rolling trails heading to the falls. The trek lasted for almost 45 minutes! And they called it "SHORT CUT!"

We reached the waterfalls with sweat falling all over my face. We were glad that we were immediately assisted by the assigned park personnel to our designated table  where we can put our belongings and  have our lunch eaten. The waterfall wasn't big or beautiful as I expected.

But something made me curious and it was the coldness the water . I have wondered if I can really tolerate and survive the freezing temperature under its drop. It was a challenge and the result would be my ultimate discovery if I am really compatible to travel or live in temperate countries/places.

Sweating like a pig, we immediately hit the cold cascading water. OPPPPSSS! Without a single second after receiving of freaking freezing shower, I jumped out of the water the moment I sensed the ice-cold water on my feet. It was damn cold cold cold! My extra challenge moment failed! This have only proven that I am not  meant going  abroad specifically in temperate regions. So goodbye Europe and North Pole  (hezzzz).

Since I got nothing else to do as I have suddenly became a hater of cold climate, I  just decided to settle on the small swimming pool beside the waterfalls. But it was a mistake on my part as the water in the pool was much colder than the falls. Haaaaachuuuuu! That’s the next thing happened! So I decided to stay sitting back in our cottage instead and silently munch on the extra El Buridon I have bought from Dipolog City.

After the picture taking segment of our visit, we dressed up and decided to call the day off since I wasn't really a fan of cold environment. We traced our trail back to the gate of Seagull Mountain Resort to where public bus bound to Davao passes by. While waiting for the bus back to Davao City, we enjoyed a simple snack at the adjacent cafeteria “Steak House & Coffee Shop @ 4000 feet”. The shop was amazing as they only serve organic based food and they even sell fresh vegetables freshly picked from their home grown organic garden.

Travel Expenses in BUDA:

Bus: Davao City to BUDA Seagull Mountain Resort
Php 240.00
Entrance  for Day Tour
Php 150.00
Php 100.00
Bus: BUDA to Davao City
Php 240.00
Php 730.00

Seagull Mountain Resort
Along Davao-Bukidnon (Bu-Da) Road
Barangay Lorega, Kitaokitao, Bukidnon
For more information
Call         :    (+6382) 298.5990/(+6382) 286.4124
Or visit  :

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  1. Sir,very nice adventure really, 2 places at the same day!the lord will always bless & be with u all along your trips...mabuhay ka kapatid...

  2. well, not having five persons on your trip to the waterfalls will surely make anyone disappointed if it's not that beautiful to see... :(

  3. It would be nice trekking this place and see the top view of the city. Growing up in Baguio, I always admire seeing the place from a top view perspective.

  4. i have friends in zamboanga and whenever they tell stories about their hometown i always get insecure. i would love to visit davao someday :)

  5. It's not that expensive though. I used to be into mountain climbing and trekking but since I worked abroad, it is a longtime dream already now for me.

  6. Not bad, Dennis! I mean, with all that walking.. you still managed to get into so many places all in a day. Impressive! I guess, for me to be able to get through some thing like this, no one should tell me how long or how short it will take to get to another area.. i can get frustrated with the timing sometimes! Lol! Anyway, P730 for an impromptu trip..sobrang good deal! :)

  7. Never got tired of going to and from many places. Your feet are just inspired setting on amazing grounds. Just enjoy traveling on. The first photo is awesome.greenery.

  8. don't worry, you won't be taking a bath here with freezing water coz there are heaters... You can also wear up to ten clothes or jackets to keep you warm on winter. So come here to Europe and experience the beauty of snow!

  9. I miss the greeneries! Well, we're on autumn now so we get brown, yellow and orange, I probably should go and take photos :)))