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Butuan Resto: BFB's Acoustic Night with Al Pacino's "Godfather" ???

"I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse"....The Godfather

I can’t believe I am taking this pizza parlor a peak on its toll and it must be its dynamic appeal that keeps me coming back to savor another flavor for a feast on my palate.

The Godfather
This time I was a little unpredictable to ask for something that really intrigued me- the Big Flat Bread’s pizza known as “The Godfather”. 

And YES you read it right! Coming exactly from the source of the famous Vito Corleone’s  line (Marlon Brando) I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse (recite it in a gritty deep voice like the usual mob character). And those words faithfully fit this awesome delight at it is something you won’t be able to decline once placed on top of your plate.

This pizza tops all pizzas and considered as the HEAD of the pizza family with mini meatballs, bacon, ham , pepperoni , mushroom, chicken chipolata and tons of fresh vegetables. Now how was that for a PIZZA?

It was an insatiable night of dining experience while being serenaded by the Akostic Angels duo Glaiza & Nick that coincided with the acoustic night at BFB’s. I may not be a music master but it’s been a while from the time when I  heard good quality singers , and I think this duo can give those city bands a run for their money with their swift and smooth interpretations of some of my favorite songs. 
Akostic Angels Glaiza and Nick

And I wasn’t delusional also to “hum” along as even the yuppie and not so yuppie crowds were enjoying the night ,hitting different genres of songs that made it look like a musical feast in a very subtle but mesmerizing ways.With this revelation I couldn't agree more with the saying "you won't get wrong with the talents of  Mindanaons"!

As I wanted to stay and hear more of the performances, I ordered a plate of spicy Penne Arrabbiata to keep me occupied which suits perfectly with a bottle of their famous cold state of liquor-the BELOW ZERO BEER. It was my first time to drink the below zero beer as I am starting to shift into a light carbo drinks. 

Penne Arrabbiata and the Below Zero Beer
Giving it a try, I was surprised that the taste wasn't the same as I have expected. It was so cold (or lutong luto with icicles inside) that once run into your buds, it left no trace of bitter  taste and I experienced no brain freeze at all. That’s the exact kind of beer I was wishing had been available when I was still much younger and kicking all the bars in the metro. Without even knowing it, the single bottle turned into two with a single snap of my fingers and I suddenly realized I was already hooked and needed to put a pause or else-----burrp!

Here are some of the variety of Pizza you may want to try in your visit.

The acoustic night @ Big Flat Bread Butuan runs every Saturday for the whole month of October and with the good feedback from its patrons, the owner is planning to continue the resto’s gig every Saturday from then on.

For more information and updates on their promos and events visit their FB Page Big Flat Bread-Butuan.

Big Flat Bread Butuan

198 J.C. Aquino Avenue, 8600 Butuan City ( Adjacaent to the Butuan’s famous Aling Cora Restaurant and fronting Butuan Doctors Hospital)

For Delivery and reservation :
Phone +63917.707.0232 / (085) 341.9000


  1. You had a good time listening to acoustic music and eating those good food.

  2. I never had that kind of experience yet. Maybe because I don't really hang out at night restos. Plus, I don't think I could afford those yummy treats right now. Maybe soon, when I earn my own money. Haha.

  3. wow, such an indulgence! good food and good music

  4. i am currently working on a pizza poster and my client and your post really make me crave for it T_T

  5. Maria Gemma Defeo-HilotinNovember 9, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Now I am craving pizza! For sure it's better than Domino's?

  6. That's a big pizza! I only ate once a pizza. I even couldn't remember how did it taste. What I like best in your pizza hangout is the acoustic music. I miss those kind of sound.

  7. As I was reading through I was hoping bfb is found somewhere in Davao, yun pala Butuan, hahaha... I would have love to try the big pacific catch.