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Davao City | Massage in the Park

Whenever I am online (FB or Twitter), I always wanted to upload nice and good looking pictures of mine for social media sharing to be enjoyed by my beloved readers (joke lng po yung part na good looking).

In Davao, I never let the day passed without visiting Rizal Park near the City Hall. With my rigorous job as environmental specialist, I am always left  exhausted and drained out of energy. And what better way to rejuvenate my tired "beautiful" body but with a  relaxing massage or visiting a spa. But since I am a bit thrifty /kuripot/ makunat or call me whatever you want, I always look for places where I can get a lot of discount, discount, and more discounts.

This simple vice made me scout the city to look for an affordable massage to ease my achy feet and my almost cracking back. 

At last, after discovering and experiencing this simple yet effective massage service in the Rizal Park of Davao City, I decided to promote and support the LGU's simple yet smart and effective livelihood project for its people even on the price of exposing my unpleasant external anatomy to the public.

The First Encounter

One night after a tiring trip to Philippine Eagle Center, I accidentally saw a group of uniformed masseurs hanging around in front of Rizal Park and I have learned that they are offering massage services right in front of the city hall. 

At first, I was hesitant to ask and I was a little bit shy to take off my shirt and display my hunky hobbit-sized body in the busy public park of Davao. But as I saw other patrons receiving the same service and not minding the public, I just dropped in and blend with the others. Nobody knows my name anyway.

The masseurs don’t have beds for clients to lie down, instead they use the common mono block chairs to perform their routine massage services. I requested for a back massage since I have been travelling for hours and my back was really giving me a hard time. To my surprise the experience was, believe me, perfect to its excellence and worth the time as the service was as better as those you can get in a regular spa, only much cheaper here. Their massage strokes were the same and even better that those I found in the regular spa in the metro. Damn! How come that it was only that time I have discovered that spot?

The masseur used the regular scented oil on my back and I felt that every fiber of my muscle was rejuvenated again after all those therapeutic strokes and stretches were tried on me. I was so happy that these simple lads are way more professional in giving a better massage services, making their clients at ease and relax during the session. 

Due to my fascination, I requested  for additional service and this time I asked  for  a foot massage for a complete body relaxation.

While in the middle of the routine, I throw few questions about their job. I have learned that it was the LGU of Davao City that gave them permit to operate in the open park as a program for the out of school youth and even for those who are unemployed. According to Troy, all of them have undergone training as therapist in an accredited school offered by the LGU to learn the basic and master the technique in therapeutic massage services like Swedish massage, Thai massage, reflexology and the likes that could be enjoyed by both locals and foreign visitors who love to stroll in the park of the downtown Davao.

The massage service I received lasted for an hour and I paid Php 125.00 for the back and foot massage combined plus Php 25.00 tip.

I admire the effort of the Davao LGU to provide livelihood for  the young generation and for those who are unemployed. Such initiative  have even  become another attraction in the city adding up to the activities you should never missed in Davao City. I hope that other LGUs in the Philippines can come up also with this kind of simple yet effective activity that would help its people.

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