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Cagwait Beach : Philippine Waikiki of the South

Cagwait is one of the 17 municipalities of the province of Surigao del Sur. It is a sleepy town that is home to a cove of white beach simply being compared to the shore of Waikiki of Hawaii because of the tropical set up with white powdery sands on the cove and abundant coconut trees growing along the shore. The beach is the town’s main tourist attraction and major part of its annual June festivity known as the Kaliguan Festival or “bathe” festival.

The whole stretch of the beach is very clean with no wastes can be seen in the vicinity .During lean season, not much people are seen in the area other than fishermen’s boat parked on the shore. But during the summer days , the place is a favorite spot to cool down from the heat of the sun. The sunrise in the area is superb as it is directly facing the east.

My first visit to the beach of Cagwait was during the time when our group decided to have a side trip in the adjacent town since it is no longer advisable to wander around when the sun sets after the Britania Group of Islands adventure

We decided to harbor at Space Bar Resort. We had a early bountiful seafood dinner as ordered from their small “cafeteria”. The resort has some kind of videoke bars and billiard pool to entertain their guest. Beers and other liquors are for sale as well.

Our mission in the area was only to find a room to spend the night. But with the beach we found we did not let the day pass not getting wet and dive into the clean water of the beach. 

It was truly picture perfect if only we have a better camera other than our phones. Nevertheless we enjoyed the rest of the night by belting high notes at the second floor of the open air function room. 

It was only the time of sudden brown out that we decided to call the night off. Good thing that the resort has a generator to supply the electricity to our rooms.

Getting there

Going to the area isn’t difficult at all, though the place is a little bit away from the national highway. Coming from Butuan City just take a bus bound for Tandag City and inform the bus aide to drop you in Cagwait Proper. The fare is approximately Php 200.00 with a travel time of 3-4 hours. At the junction of Cagwait, you can take a tricycle or habal habal to the shores of Cagwait. If you wish to stay for overnight there are lodges/resorts that are as cheap as Php 300.00 a night. It is also suggested to bring your own food if you are a little picky as there isn’t much to choose from unless you ask your host to buy something for you at the market.

If your are coming from Davao, simply take a bus bound for Tandag City and do the same as above. Or alternatively take a bus bound for Butuan City and alight at San Franz Terminal. From there take a bus or a van bound for Tandag City and follow the same direction as above. 


  1. Murag nindot diri mag ala white castle whisky, ay wala paayo tawo. hihihi

  2. Joey mag volunteer mi ang mag props na Kabayo if si Crisitne Reyes ang mag "whisky whisky" . lol

  3. Right, cagwait white beach is a nice little quaint beach. Its very shallow waters is safe for children. We stayed at the LGU (the one with a floating stage). We also passed by Space Bar but they turned me off with 2 things. First, they had this yellow slide that goes out into the beach. It obstructs the view of the whole stretch of white beach. Is it still there? Second, they proudly showed us their "wild" animals. They had monkeys in chains, an eagle in a cage, and a sea turtle swimming in a filthy cement pond. Wild animals are supposed to be out in the *wild*, not trapped in a resort to amuse and attract people. Sorry I just got carried away. I should be writing my own post soon. Thanks for letting me post this comment if you are not going to delete it. =D

  4. it's ok ann fact it is one of my concerns "animals in cage" but i think it the issue has to be brought with the DENR ...they say they have a permit. That giant slide was there when we visited the place. we did not try it . Space bar is not really my ideal place to stay but with the urgency of settling down,we tried the place ... everything has its first time naman . Thanks for your response ann :)

  5. Gusto ko magpunta dito ang ganda!

  6. wow!! yeah!! cagwait white beach resort is the best for me!!! i really like it!!