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Life is Sexy in Siargao Island

Not every one who goes to Siargao are surfers, some are just simply fan of the water sports. If this is the case don’t need to feel bad that you won’t be able to enjoy Siargao because the scenic beauty of the place is the perfect playground to have your own ways of photo shoot with friends and family. You just have to wander around to locate a rockin' background combined with a perfect timing.

After my friends and I got tired of the  usual surfing stints, we decided to go around and scouted the area. The tide that time was low and the sunset creates a magnificent display of light in the sky.  Carrying a football , we tried to perform some stunts experimentation  if football is really possible off the coast. Suddenly it came to our senses to do photo shoots while playing ball.

Since no one is looking around, we took the opportunity to display our “gorgeous” body and pretended to be the celebrity or model we wanted to be.

In my case, since I am doing football I imitated the celebrated local football player Phil Younghusband (I just hope I won’t destroy his career after this), doing all the stunts a football player does. Picture here and picture there. It was a tiring activity but enormously fun. After seeing the results all of us were proud of our simple “achievement” in life.

At the end, we simply sit silently on the rocky side of the shore and enjoyed the beautiful sunset seen from the island. The gorgeous scene tamed us, breathing on the cold breeze that made us speechless. With this experience I can surely say that life is SEXY in Siargao!

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  1. ikaw na ang sexy na endorser ng General Luna Dennis hehehe:)

  2. hahahah...i have not mentioned na sexy ako ha .... lol

  3. I wanna go back to Suhoton.. I so love it there! Ganda pa ng mga jellyfishes.. What was more exciting eh nung tumalon kami sa tubig pra mklabas dun sa cave.. Eh tlgang dun dw tlga ung exit eh.. Kya no choice! Super unforgettable tlga ung advnture na un! Konti pa lng pla nkakapunta dun.. I therefore conclude na ang swerte² ko! =p

  4. yes indeed cranberry ... it's a paradise . glad you loved mindanao :)