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Butuan's Grand Royal Spa, the Best Spa in the City

Butuan City in Agusan del Norte is known as one of the gateways  to  Northern Mindanao and now a progressive city where more and more investments are  starting to flow in and cater the needs of the increasing population of  local and foreign visitors and migrants.

As a visitor, wandering around Butuan City is quite tiring after historical and adventurous tours. In my usual routine as a traveler and explorer, I always look for a spa or a massage center in every place I visit to rejuvenate my tired leg muscles after hours of walking.  With an unexpected finding fronting Boy’s CafĂ© and Restaurant, I discovered Grand Royal Spa. Fresh and new to my senses, I wondered if the name fits the services they offered at a very affordable price based on their advertisement. My curiosity led my feet to try and test this establishment.

Entering Grand Royal Spa will give you a sense of serenity as it is covered with warm and relaxing ambient atmosphere. I was cheerfully greeted by their spa receptionist and immediately attended on the recommendable service I needed. Spa attendants, male and female, wear tidy uniforms and I noticed that they are all generally pleasing to my eyes. This only proves Butuanons are beautiful people.

While waiting for my turn, I enjoyed seeping spa’s free hot signature ginger tea. The reception area has sufficient couch for clients in queue. 

Sitting on the couch, my eyeballs can’t help but roll over and noticed the good interior design of the place. The lighting effects are mild and comfy, giving you a warm feeling that places you in a state of just being at home. Some structures are even uniquely and environment-friendly created using scrap plywood materials turned into an art design decoration. That's IMPRESSIVE!

On the side table of the couch, numerous magazines of different categories are displayed for clients’ use to make your time occupied. You can also easily connect to the internet if you are carrying your laptop or I pad or any Wi-Fi enabled gadgets without any charge.

As it was my first visit, I asked the receptionist for the most recommendable service they are offering and she suggested their most sought after Stone Massage @ Php 400.00 only.

Entering the facility, I was impressed with the spacious massage room.  The partition was somewhat look like twice the size compared with other massage centers I have tried before in Manila, Davao and Cebu; interesting and a huge leap for a "probincia-city type" of business, making it look more competitive! 

The massage table is covered with clean white cloth and extra sheet accentuated with traditional design reflecting the culture of Butuan. There was also a side table where you can place your belongings while receiving the relaxing spa services.

It was my first time to experience Stone Massage and I have no idea about the method or routine aside from the fact that it will utilize some stones to facilitate the service. 

At the start of the session, I received the usual hard massage the way I requested it, then after a minute, the attendant placed a number of fist sized pre-heated volcanic stones on my tired muscles at my back. It felt a little weird at first but as seconds passed by, the soothing effect targeted my aching muscles and joints. With every warm hand and heated stone stroke on my body, I felt like my muscles finally found an air to breathe in and relieved  from the strain I put it through.  The session lasted for an hour and it left me longing for more.

For my verdict on the service, the Grand Royal Spa provided me some kind of a tailored massage that  besieged directly the needs of my aching muscles and joints. With this, I will surely come back to try their other service packages as soon as I return to the City of Butuan.

Now my wondering was satisfied as this service oriented spa fits its name as GRAND and ROYAL.I highly recommend Grand Royal Spa for your relaxing needs on your visit here in  Butuan City.

Other Royal Services

Royal Packages

Foot Massage & Facial Cleansing
Php 320.00
Thai Massage @ Foot Scrub
Php 350.00
Foot Scrub & Facial Cleansing
Php 380.00
Body Massage & Foot Massage
Php 400.00
Thermal Massage and Foot Massage
Php 420.00
Facial Cleansing,Foot Massage & Body Massage
Php 580.00
Body Scrub and Body Massage
Php 600.00
Bentosa Cupping & Body Scrub
Php 660.00
Stone Massage & Body Scrub
Php 680.00
Body Scrub, Facial Cleansing & Foot Scrub
Php 720.00

2nd Floor PS Arcade
JP Rosales Ave. , Butuan City (at the back of Development Bank of the Philippines DBP across Gaisano Mall)

Business Hours 
Monday- Thursday           12nn-12am
Friday- Sunday                  12nn-1am

Service Reservation
 Call : (085) 342 0000 /(+63)932.879.9997


  1. If I do get the chance to visit here, I will definitely try this spa's services! I love the interiors!:)

  2. Are the prices per hour? Not bad. I like the feel of the place, too.

  3. I love the design, but how about the price, is this per hour?

  4. I only been to Butuan once when I was a teenager :-) I have never try spa...must be nice and feel relax :-)

  5. Looks like they have a fair price. The atmosphere looks cozy as well.

  6. The place is clean and the price is reasonable. Cleanliness is important for me when it comes to spa.

  7. Very clean place, i like the service of facial cleansing, foot
    massage & body massage.

  8. the place is so peaceful, i like the interior design of the spa. you will feel relax just by stepping inside the establishment. And the price is very reasonable

  9. I would welcome going to the spa anytime especially in such an inviting place.

  10. What a reasonable price! I have a few relatives in Butuan but haven't been there for more than a decade..

  11. The Pinoy ExplorerAugust 18, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    Nice! I would definitely try this one when I go there next month!

  12. Place looks really cozy! One where you'd definitely feel relaxed...

  13. wow.. sarap buhay dencio! nice place indeed, hope to try that signature massage when i visit Butuan in the near future

  14. hi Jill , i will post more of Butuan soon for your convinience :D

  15. i hope to see you here soon :D

  16. Pampering one self revitalize and refresh ones BODY and SOUL.
    This spa is very inviting to indulge with as frequent as possible.

  17. This is a real good place for relaxation... And the prices are all affordable and fit my budget... :D

  18. I've been to Butuan countless times but didn't realize that they already have a spa. Had I known, I would have slipped some time visiting this place in between my travels. Facial, body massage and foot massage at P580 is very affordable.

  19. Butuan City, another city arising.

  20. wow!! i alway do make sure i get massage as well to balance out everything before i go back home hehe its very nice and good for you too! xx

  21. A very relaxing place to get some pampering. Love to visit that spa.

  22. Maria Gemma Defeo-HilotinSeptember 2, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    spell envious! in California I'd have to spend 30 dollars just to get an hour of massage!!! It's really more fun in the Philippines!!! want to have my vacay sooon!!!... God willing!

  23. There no better way wind your day and relax than going to a spa!

  24. So true! The hubby and I have regular massages every week. It truly helps with our flexibility and blood circulation.

  25. Wow! Given the services and the aesthetics of the place, the prices offered ain't that bad as well. Royal Grand Spa is certainly a gem! :)

  26. I like the very spacious-massage room. Its very relaxing and refreshing. Their rates are not that expensive. I missed going to the spa :( .. Because I am pregnant now I only take the foot spa services near our home.

  27. thank you so much!! i really appreciate your blog site. you post so much information that about the services, food menus, and recommendations of businesses in butuan city that have not already been posted on the internet. i am sooo thankful for your input! thank you again!

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  29. you are welcome @Genevieve...