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Litson Litson sa Iligan

After our tiring escapade at Tinago Waterfalls in Iligan, we hit the city proper to get some rest. Since it was already nearing dusk, we weren’t able to find the cheapest accommodation in the city. We just took one of the rooms of Ma. Cristina Hotel for Php 975.00 a night with twin beds where 4 guests can  actually fit inside the room  for a little extra charge.

After an hour of rest, we went out for our dinner. We noticed that just right outside of the hotel ,there was a congregation of people in the city plaza. It was a like a fiesta on a weekend.

We look around and we noticed that the roasted pig or LITSON was a little common in the area, sold in a very cheap price. There were tables along the road and in the middle of the plaza. It was like the Metro Walk version of Iligan . Beers are served everywhere.

I ordered half a kilo of litson accompanied by vinegar plus PUSO or cooked rice wrapped in coconut leaves.

It was a tasteful dinner while listening to some band performing on the city’s plaza stage. At the end side of the stage, there was a foot massage hub for those who wish to relax their feet after the panic shopping  for bargained items sold around the place.

I ended the night spending Php 200.00 for litson , puso (rice), and a couple bottles of beer plus free live music and entertainment.

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  1. We have relatives in Iligan which we usually visit every October. I usually don't pork but I can't pass when they introduce me to their very tasty Lechon, I can attest their lechon is very different from CDO or Cebu. ^_^


  2. * Don't eat Pork I Mean :)

  3. yes , i noticed that too ... there is an extra crispyness in their lechon compare to the lechon i have tasted in other places like cebu ... but it seems like eating lechon in iligan is so common . I even saw one selling lechon in front of the ancestral house of the Macapagal's--- named XXX(something) GLORIA--- laugh out loud talaga ako ...