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The Twin Falls of Ma. Cristina

To see the much wondered Ma. Cristina Waterfalls is a pinch of a dream that came true. I can still remember that I used the image of the waterfalls as an entry in one of the drawing contests I joined back in elementary days, but I have no idea as to what the falls really looked like.

In my wandering around Iligan, I was given a chance to have a closer encounter with the textbook favorite landmark for the subject Sibika at Kultura.

Ma. Cristina Falls dwells in the City of Iligan, Lanao del Norte. The falls cascade in the boundary of Barangays Ditucalan and Buru-un and guarded inside the compound of the National Power Corporation or the Agus compound that fuels the production of Agus VI Power Plant also known as the Ma. Cristina Power Plant. 
The twin falls has a towering height of 320 feet with massive water feeding the Agus VI plant at the foot of the falls with 130 cubic meters per second, producing more than 200 MW of electricity , shared by Mindanao end users.

Though swimming or getting near to the falls is not allowed, gazing over its massive and roaring drops is enough to satisfy someone’s amusement. The power plant provided a 3 leveled viewing deck for visitors who wish to see its grandeur with a view a little bit closer. It was unfortunate during our visit that only a half of the twin falls was seen due to current operation of the plant; nevertheless it was still a jaw dropping view.

At the foot of the power plant, there is a canteen/ coffee shop where you can have a snack beside the raging white water of Agus River. The shop also sells souvenirs as remembrance of your tour in the park.

Getting there

Coming from Cagayan de Oro

Take a bus bound to Iligan City at Bulua Terminal Station. The travel time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour with a bus fare of Php 100.00. Outside of the Iligan Bus Terminal Station, take a jeepney bound to the city proper, and then take a jeepney that shall pass by NPC or Buru-un. The entrance is just across the bridge over the Agus River. From the bridge the NPC’s gate is around 50 meters. 

Actual Cost

NPC Entrance
Php 35.00
Tour /Cab Fee
Transportation Jeepney
Bus CDO-Iligan v.v.
Php 323.00

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  1. too bad you didn't see her in full grandeur. it wasn't twin falls when you visited.